The Ul'dah Diorama at the entrance of the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

‘A Decade’s Journey’ Event Had Some of the Coolest FFXIV Merchandise

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Square Enix and the Japanese luxury department store Isetan are hosting an exciting collaboration event for Final Fantasy XIV in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s popular shopping districts.

The event celebrates the 10th anniversary of the release of A Realm Reborn in 2013, as well as the 90th anniversary of Isetan Shinjuku’s opening.

If you’re in Tokyo before Oct. 2, it’s definitely worth a visit. But if you can’t make it, I’ll do my best to give you a sense of the event.

Ul’dah Has Never Looked This Cool

The event takes place on the sixth floor of Isetan Shinjuku, a renowned luxury mall. When you enter the event space, you’ll be greeted by a stunning diorama of the city of Ul’dah.

This diorama is so impressive that we’ve dedicated a separate article to it, where you can find more screenshots and a video.

The Ul'dah Diorama at the entrance of the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

In front of the diorama, there’s a panel celebrating the decade-long journey of many Warriors of Light (some of us have been playing since the launch of the original Final Fantasy XIV 13 years ago).

Final Fantasy XIV is the 14th game in the “Final Fantasy” series. As the main character of the story, you can explore the vast online world with your adventurer friends from all over the world.

You have the freedom to play the game your own way. You can create your own character and enjoy the deep story and exciting battles, as well as engage in activities like housing, fishing, and minigames.

You can even show off your fashion sense by combining your favorite items!

Despite being a fantasy world, Final Fantasy XIV is as vivid and lively as reality. So why not jump into the world of Final Fantasy XIV too?

Final Fantasy XIV Glamours Are Always in Style

On another part of the floor, you’ll find an area dedicated to Vogue Japan. Here, you can see character looks submitted by players showcased on screenshots and in the magazine, along with dedicated apparel.

The Vogue corner shows off some character photos at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

The entire floor is filled with original Final Fantasy XIV merchandise. While there is a section dedicated to official Square Enix items, most of the space showcases creations from various brands and artisans.

There are too many items to cover individually, but you can find a full gallery at the end of this article to see everything I experienced.

This Final Fantasy XIV Merchandise is Truly Special

Apparel is a prominent feature of the event, with a variety of T-shirts and a delightful collection of original socks by Tabio.

A stack of Fat Cat socks by Tobio sits on a display table at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV event

Jewelry also has a significant presence, with several pieces by various brands inspired by Crystals. There’s even a reproduction of Menphina’s Earring by Biju mam, which many of us used while leveling our jobs to 80.

Final Fantasy XIV A Decade's Journey Menphina's Earring by Biju Mam

Fans of Haurchefant will likely appreciate the Zippo lighter that reproduces his shield and features the emotional line, “Until then, my friend!”

Final Fantasy XIV A Decade's Journey Zippo Shield Lighter

Another charming item is the Handkerchief by H TOKYO, which reproduces the Starbird from Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV H TOKYO Handkerchief Starbird

For fans of traditional Japanese items, there are kokeshi (wooden dolls) by Usaburo no Mago, featuring a Moogle, a Loporrit, and an ancient minion.

Minion Kokeshi sit on a display table at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV event

Feeling Hungry or Thirsty? No Problem at this Final Fantasy XIV Event

Of course, no event is complete without food items. The most adorable options include macarons by Pierre Hermé Paris, inspired by the Loporrit’s colorful carrots.

But there’s much more on the menu, such as blended coffee inspired by the Four Lords and tea dedicated to various cities in Eorzea and beyond.

Loporrit Macarons are arranged on a plate at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

For those who enjoy a drink, there’s a tasting corner where you can try and purchase whiskey bottles by Nagahama Distillery, inspired by the three main city-states: Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa.

Whiskeys by Nagahama Distillery sit upon a shelf at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

Creative visitors can also purchase and hang wooden Ema (votive tablets usually used at shrines) with their own drawings and wishes.

Ema tablets hang on a wall at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV event

Lastly, visitors can take a break at the temporary branch of the Eorzea Cafe, where they can enjoy food and drinks inspired by Final Fantasy XIV.

The menu at the Eorzea Cafe in Isetan Shinjuku, which can be found at the A Decade's End Final Fantasy XIV Event

Check out the full gallery of pictures I took during the Final Fantasy XIV event below, featuring every available item for you to peruse.

If you’re unfamiliar with Final Fantasy XIV, you can play it on PS5, PS4, and PC, with an Xbox Series X|S version coming soon.

A new expansion titled Dawntrail is set to release next summer. In the meantime, patch 6.5 named “Growing Light” is scheduled for Oct. 3. We recently learned many new details about it during the latest Letter from the Producer Live at Tokyo Game Show.