Starfield how to get an outpost with 8 resources

A Player in the Game Starfield Found an Outpost with 8 Resource Veins

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When playing Starfield, building outposts is a fun and effective way to collect a variety of resources for tasks like research and upgrades. Since there are limited beacons available, it’s important to find the best spots in the galaxy that offer valuable materials. This requires locating a planet or moon with abundant resources and finding a practical area to tap into those veins.

Recently, a Starfield player named ‘antiapathetic’ made an impressive discovery in the game. They shared their findings on Reddit, revealing that they found an outpost on Tirna VIII-C that contained a total of eight different resources – all of the resources available on that moon.

Starfield how to get an outpost with 8 resources
Image Source: antiapathetic via Reddit

The provided photo showcased the location where all eight resources were found:

  • Dysprosium (DY)
  • Lead (PB)
  • Iron (FE)
  • Tantalum (TA)
  • Tungsten (W)
  • Titanium (TI)
  • Alkanes (HNCN)
  • Water (H20)

Tirna VIII-C is the third moon of the gas giant planet Tirna VIII in the Alpha Tirna System. On the galaxy map, it’s located southeast from the Alpha Centauri System, approximately 26 light years away, give or take, depending on your ship’s capabilities.

Starfield how to get to the Tirna Alpha star system
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

In their original Reddit post, the player shared a screenshot of the outpost’s specific location on the moon. While the game’s map mechanics can be challenging to navigate, they determined that the outpost was built in a Swamp biome.

We attempted to find the same spot based on the provided screenshots, trying different areas within the same biome. However, our attempts only yielded five resources at most, falling short of the player’s accomplishment. Another player in the thread named ‘filoumz’ claimed to have achieved seven resources and offered some tips on their outpost placement.

This discovery has left us curious about finding this elusive location with all eight resources. We will continue our search, and we encourage others to do the same if they are looking for their ideal outpost spot.

If you manage to find this remarkable spot with all eight resources, please let us know!