Airship Syndicate docks to provide an update on their early access live service game, Wayfinder!

Airship Syndicate Docks to Provide an Update on Their Early Access Live Service Game, Wayfinder!

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Wednesday, or hump day for most wage slaves/students would denote the middle of the week…meaning the weekend is just on the horizon. However for the players of Digital Extreme and Airship Syndicate’s Wayfinder, the day means there might be a new entry in the bi-weekly Wayfinder Wednesdays! This blog features all the news regarding the early access title and sophomore entry covering the team’s output during the Tokyo Game Show, news regarding a new event starting during the mid season update, quality of life and patch notes.

At last week’s Tokyo Game Show, the team debuted a trailer for the upcoming Wayfinder Grendel. Beautifully animated by Joaquim dos Santos (co-director of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”) and his team, we get a glimpse of the titanic wayfinder who will make his way into the game in the upcoming Founder’s Season 2. Players who bought in at “Awakened” or “Exalted” tier will have access to him day one, but those who are at lower tiers need not fret, as there is a pathway to getting your hands on this warrior, it will just require more work.

Next the devs revealed the game’s first live event, Call of the Void. Taking place in the Highlands area, where you can take on two new challengers, the Highlands Fire Lord and the Drill Machines. Steel yourself or recruit some allies as taking down these monsters will yield rich rewards. The update’s release date has yet to be revealed, but it will be sooner than later!

For full details of the second entry of Wayfinder Wednesday visit the Wayfinder blog linked here. The game is currently available on PC and PlayStation in an Early Access state, the game will eventually launch as a free to play game sometime in 2024.

Wayfinder – Grendel Teaser Trailer | Tokyo Game Show 2023:

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Get a sneak peek of the upcoming Wayfinder, Grendel! Teased at Tokyo Game Show 2023, the enraged berserker explodes into battle in a whirlwind of speed and fury! More details about this Wayfinder and full reveal coming soon.

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