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Alan Wake 2 is Split “About 50/50” Across Both Protagonists, Director Says

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alan wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is going through significant changes compared to its predecessor, and one notable difference is the inclusion of two protagonists. The central character, Alan Wake, is joined by newcomer Saga Anderson, an FBI profiler investigating ritual murders in Bright Falls.

But how much time will be spent playing as each protagonist? Will one have a more prominent role than the other? According to game director Kyle Rowley, both will be given equal importance.

In a recent interview with MP1st, Rowley stated that the playable sections for Alan and Saga are split “about 50/50,” a balance that felt right for the game’s pacing.

“It’s about 50/50,” explained Rowley. “We wanted to create an Alan Wake sequel, so it’s important to represent Alan as a character. However, from a pacing perspective, 50/50 felt appropriate. Alan also appears in Saga’s part of the story, so he’s not confined to the dark places shown in the trailers.”

It was previously confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will have a duration of over 20 hours, making it Remedy Entertainment’s longest game. This suggests that each protagonist will have approximately 10 hours of gameplay. Given their interconnected stories, it’s likely that their paths will also converge.

Alan Wake 2 releases on October 27 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will have a Performance Mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but not on Xbox Series S.