All Fortnite Content Will Get an Age Rating Soon

All Fortnite Content Will Receive Age Ratings Soon

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Today, Epic Games announced that all content related to Fortnite, whether it is created by the game’s developers or by third parties, will be required to have an age rating starting from next month.

According to the announcement, this change will take effect on November 14.

The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) will provide these age ratings, aligning with the evolution of Fortnite from a standalone game to a metaverse.

Users who wish to publish their islands in Fortnite will now need to complete an IARC content rating questionnaire. This questionnaire will then be reviewed by moderators from Epic Games.

Once the review process is complete, the island will be assigned an age rating which will be automatically applied to the content. This rating will be prominently displayed before other users access the content.

Additionally, regional rating authorities have the option to make further adjustments to these ratings based on their specific reviews after the island has been published.

The IARC questionnaire will be made available in the Creator Portal on October 16. Islands that have not received a rating by November 14 will be removed from the list, so users are encouraged to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.

It will certainly be interesting to see what rating Shell Island receives, considering its targeting of young players and whether it aligns with climate-friendly goals.

This update comes shortly after the introduction of an island created by Keoken Interactive dedicated to the game Deliver Us the Moon.

In other news, Epic Games recently underwent significant layoffs, which resulted in the termination of 830 employees, accounting for 16% of their previous workforce.