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All Spotlight Hours In October 2023 And Your Bonuses

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In the following overview, you can see all spotlight hours in October 2023 in Pokémon GO. We show you all the information about the Pokémon, Shinys, bonuses and the respective date of the event.

What events are we talking about?Every Tuesday, Pokémon GO hosts a one-hour event in which a pre-determined monster spawns more frequently in the wild. This event is called the Spotlight Hour.

In October, you can once again look forward to 5 such events, which are accompanied by changing bonuses. We have summarized the exact contents that await you below.

All dates of the spotlight hours in October 2023

When run the spotlight hours? The spotlight hours always run on Tuesdays in the time from 18:00 clock to 19:00 clock. The following Pokémon and bonuses await you in October:

Date Pokémon & Bonuses
03 October Flegmon* and 2x shipping candies
October 10 Knilz* and 2x development XP
October 17 Irrbis* and 2x Fang Stardust
October 24 Paragoni and 2x Fang EP
October 31 Makabaja* and 2x catch candies

Spotlight hour on 03 October

Which Pokémon is in the spotlight? For the first spotlight hour in October, you can meet the water and psycho Pokémon Flegmon. It comes from the first generation and has two different further development with Lahmus and Laschoking. Lahmus also has a temporary Mega evolution.

In addition, Flegmon has a Galar form, but it will not be found during the short event.

What bonuses are active? In addition to numerous Flegmon spawns, you can expect double bonuses for sending Pokémon on this day. Here we recommend that you sort your monsters before the event starts using the tags and filters in the game, so that you only have to send them during the spotlight hour.

Does the event pay off? Flegmon and its evolutions are not particularly strong and can neither in Raids nor in the GO Battle League really convince. Most interesting is the mega-evolution of Lahmus, which strengthens your psycho and water attacks in battle and, when active, brings more bonbons when catching these guys.

Also, if you want to clean out your Pokémon stash, do it on this day and take advantage of the candy bonus.

Can you catch Shiny Flegmon? Yes, Flegmon can be caught as Shiny with a little luck. You can recognize it by a slightly lighter body.

Spotlight hour on October 10

Which Pokémon is in the spotlight? The plant Pokémon Knilz then makes the spotlight hour on October 10 the game unsafe. It comes from the 3rd game generation and can be evolved into Kapilz.

What bonuses are active? Also Knilz spawns in the short event everywhere in the wilderness. In addition, it brings you an EP bonus. If you evolve monsters during the event, then you get double the experience points.

Is the event worth it? Yes, Knilz itself is not particularly strong, but has a strong further development with Kapilz. The plant Pokémon can score with a high attack and good attacks, which is why it is one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

In addition, Knilz is one of the 22 monsters that give you more stardust when you catch them. For example, you will receive 500 stardust for a normal catch. If you also use a stardust piece and a weather boost is active, you can even get up to 938 stardust per catch. So if you still need stardust or are looking for a strong attacker for raids, you should take advantage of the event.

Can you catch Shiny mushroom? Yes, Shiny mushroom is active in the game and can be caught with a little luck. In this form, his points are orange.

Spotlight hour on October 17

Which Pokémon is the focus? Then on October 17, the spooky season is heralded with Irrbis. The spirit and plant Pokémon comes from the 6th game generation and can be evolved into Pumpdjinn.

Which bonuses are active? For the event you can again meet lots of Irrbis. In addition, you get double stardust when catching.

Is the event worth it? Irrbis and its evolution are not particularly strong. Both among the spirit, as well as the plant Pokémon there are clearly better attackers. The event is therefore worthwhile mainly because of the double stardust when catching.

Can you catch Shiny Irrbis? Yes, if you are lucky, you can encounter an iridescent purple Irrbis.

Spotlight hour on October 24

Which Pokémon is in the spotlight? In the penultimate spotlight hour in October, it remains creepy with Paragoni, the counterpart to Irrbis. It also comes from the 6th game generation, is a spirit and plant Pokémon and can be evolved into Trombork.

What bonuses are active? In addition to lots of wild spawns of Paragoni, you will receive double XP when catching Pokémon for this event.

Is the event worth it? Paragoni itself is not very interesting. However, its further development Trombork can be seen both in raids and the GO Battle League. Thus, it secures according to PvPoke solid spots in Super and Hyper League. Its good attack value and moveset also make it one of the best Spirit attackers in Pokémon GO.

If you are on the way to level 50, you should also not ignore the EP bonus.

Can you catch Shiny Paragoni? No, Paragoni is not yet available as Shiny in Pokémon GO.

Spotlight hour on October 31

Which Pokémon is the focus? In the last spotlight hour in October, you finally meet the ghost Pokémon Makabaja from the 5th game generation. It can be evolved into Akhnatol.

What bonuses are active? For this event you can expect again a lot of wild Makabaja. In addition, you can get double candies when catching monsters.

Is the event worth it? Makabaja is especially interesting for the GO Battle League. Akhnatol, in fact, has strong defensive values, which is why it can score points in the Super and Master League. Alternatively, if you don’t need Makabaja, you can fire up the Wonder Box or complete Raids to take advantage of the candy bonus.

Can you catch Shiny Makabaja? Yes, Makabaja is active in the game as Shiny. With luck, you will encounter a specimen with a blue body and silver mask.

Which Spotlight Hour do you like best in October? Feel free to let us know here on MyMMO in the comments and share it with other trainers.

There are a lot of things coming up in Pokémon GO in the next few weeks. We show you all the events in October and which ones are worthwhile.