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Amazon Prime Gaming: Mit Ghostwire: Tokyo & Mehr

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Along the way, of course, as always, we’ll also get some fresh, free contentfor popular titles like League of Legends,Fall Guys, the still popular Pokmon GO or even for the new Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Phantom Liberty, we promise.

Amazon Prime Gaming: These 7 free games await you already in October

Only 2022 erschienen, delivers Tango Gameworks with the probably most notable title of Amazon Prime Gaming free games an adrenaline-charged Action-Horror from the finest first-person perspective, which throws us into a bernatrliches setting within the Japanese metropolis. Of course, we have already put Ghostwire: Tokyo under the microscope for you in our review and revealed whether the title could really teach us the fear or whether its implementation comes across rather creepy.

In addition to the aforementioned blockbuster, which will be available for free in the Epic Games Store startingOctober 5 with your Amazon Prime subscription, there are also six other titles up for grabs:

On top of that, you can expect the already mentioned free additional content for various game long runners, among other things with it:

So you can also in the coming month again adjust to plenty of fresh fodder for your game library in the form of free games and the many free content. Already in September Amazon Prime Gaming had a flliges Aufgebot for video game virtuosos ready, which we naturally also do not want to withhold from you.