Aussie Energy Drink V Changes its Flavour for the First Time in 26 Years

Aussie Energy Drink V Changes Its Flavor for the First Time in 26 Years

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If you’re familiar with the local scene, you’re probably aware of the Australian-made V Energy Drink. With its bright green cans, it resembles the iconic Nuka Cola Quantum flavor from Fallout. However, after 26 years, the drink’s taste is about to undergo a transformation. It will now have a smoother and fruitier flavor profile, while still providing the same energy boost that has made it a beloved choice for late-night gaming sessions since the days of LAN parties and split-screen Goldeneye on the N64.

So, what does the new flavor taste like? It’s similar to the original V, but with an added fruity tang and a hint of sourness reminiscent of Skittles. As a fan of fruit tingles, another Aussie classic, and all things sour, this is fantastic news for me.

What’s even better is that V sent us some samples, which included V-branded Crocs and a V-bum bag.