Baldur's Gate 3 hotfix #7 released, Larian "looking into" shared stash complaints

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #7 Released, Larian “looking Into” Shared Stash Complaints

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Larian has released a new hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3, which is the seventh one so far. This update fixes several bugs that were causing crashes, as well as addressing the issue of characters and items duplicating themselves when moving between levels under certain conditions. Patch notes for RPGs like this always fascinate me. Even the smaller ones read like strange experiments gone wrong, straight out of a wizard’s workshop. You know, like the one you find behind [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] during Baldur’s Gate 3 Act [REDACTED].

This hotfix comes after a major patch last week that added a Magic Mirror to the campsite. This mirror allows players to change their pronouns and appearance after they have finished creating their character. Here are the details of today’s update:

– Fixed a crash that occurred during certain dialogues in multiplayer sessions.

– Fixed crashes caused by corrupted item stacks when unloading a level or moving to a new region.

– Fixed a savegame issue when loading into a new region with Withers’ Wardrobe still loaded in an old region.

– Fixed a crash when loading savegames with potentially invalid items in the inventory.

– Fixed a savegame issue related to traps.

– Removed duplicated characters and items caused by taking items across two cached levels.

– Fixed the preview for the text background option not changing height after reducing the Dialogue Text Size.

As is common with Baldur’s Gate 3 patch notes, many players have expressed their frustration that the specific bug they were experiencing has not been fixed. One of the major additions in Patch 3, a shared stash feature where party members dump their entire inventories when dismissed, has also generated backlash from players.

Larian has acknowledged these complaints and stated, “We continue to look at your feedback and are preparing additional hotfixes for issues you’ve reported. This includes the issue with shared items when dismissing companions, which we are aware of and investigating.”

Some less urgent requests from players include a screen-merging feature in co-op and a plea to “make our cat bald again.” I assume that the cat in question is an NPC in the game and not just a random player demanding that their real-life pet be given a haircut. But who knows? In this world, anything can happen.

Do you have any additional requests to add?

Minor but important update: I have identified the cat!

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Disclosure: Former RPS deputy editor Adam Smith (RPS in peace) now works at Larian and is the lead writer for Baldur’s Gate 3. Former contributor Emily Gera also works on it.