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Best Doctor and Assistant Skills

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Dr. Mario may have his face on the front of all the game’s art, but there are plenty of medical versions of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters to collect. world of dr mario.

To team up with his best doctor, some of Mario’s most memorable adversaries end up with assistant Gives you special rewards while you play.

Here’s a roundup of the best junior doctors and all the assistants we’ve seen so far!

Dr. Mario World – Who is the best doctor?

As you progress through Dr. Mario’s initial levels, you’ll play alongside everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. However, after a few stages, you will be able to choose between three characters: Dr. Mario, Dr. Peach, and Dr. Bowser.

Here are all the abilities they have in single player and multiplayer:

doctor scenario mode battle mode
doctor mario Delete lowest row 1 Delete lowest row 1
Dr. Bowser Randomly delete 2 rows Randomly delete 1 line
Dr. Peach Randomly delete 1 column Randomly delete 1 column

As for who is the best doctor, it depends a bit on your play style.

Dr. Mario’s ability to constantly clear the bottom row with his special move is the most predictable. So if you want to be able to plan exactly what your abilities will do each time, choose Mario.

His abilities are also useful in multiplayer, making it very balanced (like in all other Mario games).

Dr. Peach walks around the room in high heels and her feet are sure to be ruined. She has a spine skill that can help clear out lingering viruses that build up on their own, but due to the random factor, there’s a higher chance of things going wrong and you getting stuck on layouts you don’t want.

In PvP, Peach’s attack speed is very fast and her skills are the same. So if you want to keep a consistent play style in both game modes, you can choose it.

Dr. Bowser compensates for the randomness of his abilities by erasing two lines instead of one. This makes his solo ability really strong. However, he can only randomly clear one row in a match, weaker than the other two characters.

despite this Bowser is probably the strongest character. In the first stages of goal. Despite his low speed, he has strong attacks and a good chance to deflect attacks.

Dr. Mario’s World Assistant

Below we will keep a running list of the wizards we encountered during our Dr. Mario World game.

We’re playing at the same time as you, so if you share any skills you’ve collected in the comments, we’ll add them to the table (with credit, of course):

assistant scenario mode battle mode
Gomba Score increased by 1% If the opponent attacks, there is a 4% chance that the attack meter will fill immediately.
spike For each green virus eliminated, the base score will increase by 50 points 4% chance to increase your attack speed by 20%
porcupine 10% chance to gain an additional 3 seconds during the time phase The received virus has a 6% chance to match the color if the opponent attacks

For more information on the world of Dr. Mario, check out our Hearts, Coins and Diamonds page.

Or, if colors give you trouble, try enabling your device’s color blindness filter.

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