Boomerang X developer Dang! is closing after failing to find funding

Boomerang X Developer Dang! is Closing After Failing to Find Funding

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Dang!, the developer of fabulous glaive-tosser Boomerang X, are closing down. The studio announced on Twitter that they made the decision after failing to find funding for their next game.

“Dang is closing up shop,” starts the announcement. “Unfortunately we were not able to find funding for our next game and we are out of money. We’re not writing off the possibility of working on some small stuff together in the future but for now we’re all going our separate ways.

“Thanks to all the love you’ve shown to us over the years and thanks for playing Boomerang X.”

Boomerang X was released in 2021 and published by Devolver Digital. It’s a first-person shooter about fighting waves of inky creatures using an X-shaped boomerang blade that looks like the weapon from Krull. You throw it out and it returns to you, but you can also teleport to its location and adopt its momentum, meaning you can use it to propel yourself in the air mid-combat.

It was fabulously intricate shooter design, one of our favourite games from 2021, and currently sits on our list of the best FPS. Ed in particular loved it, calling it the Doom game he’d always wanted.

It’s a real shame that the studio behind such a banger won’t get a chance to make another one. If you haven’t played Boomerang X yet, however, treat yourself and give the demo a go on Steam.