Viktor Zakhaev in Zombies Cinematic Trailer

Call of Duty’s Most Dangerous Enemy Makes a Comeback in MW3 Zombies Cinematic

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For the first time in Modern Warfare, the popular Zombies mode gets a cinematic trailer that offers a sneak peek into the beloved side adventure. What adds to the thrill is the appearance of a key antagonist from the franchise, Viktor Zakhaev, who removes his mask to reveal himself.

Viktor was a significant character in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) as the son of Imran, the main antagonist of the game. He then became involved in Special Ops and eventually assumed the role of a treacherous villain in the Modern Warfare storyline of Warzone. Fans have long wondered if Zakhaev would return to the series, and with the release of the Zombies trailer, that question has been answered.

In this new installment, Zakhaev devises a new plan to acquire a mysterious vial filled with Aetherium. Unfortunately for him, things don’t go as planned when his team encounters the military police, leading him to throw the vial at them. This action triggers an outbreak due to the powers of the substance, resulting in chaotic zombie mayhem. Rather than being overwhelmed by the deadly attacks, Viktor sees this as an opportunity and weaponizes the situation, reflecting his ideology from previous games.

Viktor Zakhaev in Zombies Cinematic Trailer
Image Source: Activision

Based on the details revealed in the trailer and the Call of Duty Blog, Zakhaev will play a significant role in MW3’s Zombies mode as Task Force 141 embarks on Operation Deadbolt. It will be fascinating to witness their reunion, especially after the events involving Captain Price and Viktor in Warzone.

If you’re excited about Viktor Zakhaev’s return, you can pre-order the 2023 edition of Modern Warfare 3 to receive the Zombie Ghost Operator skin, preparing you for the undead battle.