CMON Partners With Bouken To Bring Japanese TTRPGs To The West

Cmon Partners with Bouken to Bring Japanese Ttrpgs to the West

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CMON announced a new TTRPG publishing partnership. While the company has published its share of tabletop board games like Cthulhu: Death May Die, and Bloodborne: The Board Game, their latest partnership is with the publisher Bouken.

The CMON Bouken TTRPG Partnership

In an official CMON blog post, the company announced that it had reached a publishing agreement with Bouken. This Japanese TTRPG publisher has been a part of the industry for decades, producing games for its dedicated audiences.

According to the agreement, CMON’s publishing arm, Guillotine Press, will localize and publish several of Bouken’s hit TTRPGs to a worldwide audience.

Those TTRPGs will be Meikyu Kingdom (迷宮キングダム), Magika Logia (マギカロギア), and Insane (インセイン).

Kondou Koushi, Bouken CEO, commented, “We are thrilled for this important agreement with CMON who will bring to the world the Japanese-style of RPG. Their care and attention to detail in all their products is evident, and we look forward to this partnership.”

CMON COO David Preti added, “Bouken is a true pioneer in the tabletop role-playing industry. For more than 35 years, their games have defined what a Japanese RPG can be. Bouken has a deep catalog of incredible games, and we are honored to bring their unique style and gameplay to a worldwide audience.”

This is not the first time CMON has helped bring TTRPGs from other regions to a wider audience. With the aid of a Kickstarter campaign, the publisher helped localize the Italian TTRPG, Household, to different regions.

Given how popular TTRPGs have become in recent years, these kinds of localizations make for sound business.

While independent localizations have happened like Picaresque Roman, CMON’s partnership with Bouken is a mere continuation of the hobby’s growing popularity, and audiences’ desire for new, refreshing experiences.

Meikyu Kingdom (迷宮キングダム) and Magika Logia (マギカロギア) are targeted for a mid-to-late 2024 worldwide release. Insane (インセイン) will release later in the year.