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Cp2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Meet Solomon Reed

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The name Solomon Reed may or may not ring a bell in connection with Cyberpunk 2077, but if you’ve been paying any attention over the last year, you’ve probably heard that Idris Elba is joining the game’s cast for the new Phantom Liberty DLC. Indeed, Solomon Reed has the vocal talent and digital likeness of Idris Elba, and based on how much he has appeared in promotional materials, it is clear that CD Projekt Red knew that he would be a great attraction for their thriller-themed complement of espionage.

You would be forgiven, then, for thinking that Solomon Reed is the protagonist of Phantom Liberty; and while that’s arguably true, you don’t exactly run into an Idris Elba lookalike on the streets of Night City as he heads to the shops. If you’re curious to know a little more about how and when exactly you’ll meet Phantom Liberty’s new hero, read on, but beware of some mild spoilers for the DLC’s new story!

How to meet Solomon Reed on CP2077 Phantom Liberty

The good news, and it may not surprise you to know, is that you can’t miss meeting Solomon Reed at some point, unless you skip the Phantom Liberty DLC content entirely. Complete the “Dog Eat Dog” mission when it pings you into the new Dogtown region of the Night City map, and you’ll be in Solomon’s territory.

From here it’s just a matter of patience. There’s nothing you can do to speed up your introduction to Solomon Reed but continue along Phantom Liberty’s main questline until you reach its fourth main quest, “Lucretia, My Reflection.” His new partner and president of NUSA, Rosalind Myers, will ask him to contact an agent of hers who has been infiltrating Dogtown for years: Solomon Reed himself.

Secret agents aren’t exactly known for being easy to contact, and there are a few hoops to jump through before Solomon agrees to a face-to-face meeting.

First they direct him to an abandoned restaurant in the district, called CapitÁ Caliente. You arrive and find the place closed, but there are a couple of ways to access it. Scan a panel next to the entrance with orange wires sticking out of it and you’ll receive an optional objective to defeat the fuse box and force the door open.

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The wires are easy enough to follow with the naked eye, but the fuse box is high up on another level of this half-ruined shopping plaza, and a couple of promising-looking routes lead to dead ends. To reach your destination, head right from the restaurant entrance and scale a conveniently placed piece of crumbling concrete walkway to go up a level.

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Follow this walkway across the entire upper plaza until you’re more or less on top of CapitÁn Caliente – there are some makeshift walkways connecting the various structures in the plaza, and at one point you’ll have to jump over a person who’s sitting upright. quite inconsiderate in your way. Just after her this level ends, but turn around and you can climb over more rubble to get to the next floor.

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On the bridge on the third level, resist the temptation to climb up another level and instead head right and exit onto the metal walkway next to the broken part of the bridge wall. This walkway is more or less hidden until you stand next to it, but can be identified by the two yellowish barriers nearby.

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Follow this walkway, jumping over an area where the makeshift floorboards have broken and fallen away, and you will reach a fuse box in an alcove. Scan it and interact with it to override it and open the door to Captain Hot.

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Alternatively, if all this seems like a lot of effort, there is a less elegant but potentially faster way in. Turn left at the CapitÁn Caliente entrance and follow the building until you reach the containers. Behind one of the containers is a hole in the wall that gives access to one of the back rooms of the restaurant.

Next you have to search the inside of the restaurant to find a specific telephone number that is used to contact Solomon. The one you are looking for is an old-fashioned landline telephone and is located in the warehouse accessed through a door on the right, behind the restaurant counter. First you will have to explore a shelf and move it aside.

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V needs a moment to hilariously wrestle with this piece of analog technology, but with some help from Johnny, he’ll be able to dial the phone number Myers gave him (0931). After a brief conversation, Solomon will tell you to meet him at a nearby basketball court, which is marked on your map as the next mission destination.

Head up the hill to the court and interact with the bleacher seat to start the cutscene where you will finally meet Solomon. I’m not going to give any spoilers from here, but suffice it to say that if you are a fan of Idris Elba (and/or have ever wanted to see him share the screen with Keanu Reeves), you will enjoy what this questline has in store for you from now on.