Screenshot taken of Dust 2's A Bombsite in CS2, featuring the famous goose in the wall.

CS2 Pores and Skin Maker Showcases Clear AK-47 and the Result’s Merely Unimaginable

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Pores and skin makers are nonetheless deciphering what the Supply 2 engine affords on the subject of CS2 skins. Pores and skin maker kr1zer, for instance, did what no one has executed earlier than on Nov. 12 and created an AK-47 pores and skin made from clear glass—and the result’s spectacular.

The clear AK-47 pores and skin is named PRISM and it’s already inflicting fairly a fuss locally though no one is aware of if Valve will ever add the pores and skin to CS2. Although the work is immaculate, a whole lot of gamers have complained it could be unrealistic to make use of a weapon made from glass.

I notably don’t love this argument because it’s fairly clear to me that CS2 is an unrealistic tackle the anti-terrorism struggle. I’ve by no means seen real-life troopers utilizing gold and pink rifles or spinning a knife throughout fight, for instance. For my part, the PRISM pores and skin is genuine and it’s enjoyable to see the sky, partitions, or floor by the AK-47.

Although pores and skin makers have been making a whole lot of skins for CS2 over the previous few months, that is the primary time I’ve seen this type of approach and it’s all because of the Supply 2 engine, according to kr1zer.

The one difficulty I’d have with the PRISM pores and skin, if Valve was so as to add it to the sport, is gamers dropping it within the water as a substitute of on to me. As a result of pores and skin’s transparency, it could be a nightmare to search out the weapon in Anubis and Historical’s water. It may, nevertheless, turn out to be a enjoyable technique to cover weapons from enemies if they’re attempting to find weapons in an financial spherical.

Now that kr1zer has uploaded the AK-47 PRISM to CS2’s workshop, it’s as much as Valve if it will get launched to the sport or not. Although Valve’s standards stay obscure, it turned clear in recent times that the developer prefers to work with licensed, well-known artists to keep away from any potential copyright infringements just like the well-known M4A4 Howl.

Kr1zer has submitted over 640 skins over time and Valve added the M249 | O.S.I.P.R pores and skin to CS:GO in Might 2021 as part of the Snakebite case.