The three models of the Digimon Pendulum Color

Digimon Pendulum Color: Exciting Announcement and Funny Commercial

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Digimon fans have something to be excited about as Bandai has just announced the arrival of the Digimon Pendulum Color, 25 years after the original Digimon training game was released.

This new version of the popular toy dedicated to the Digimon franchise will feature a color LCD display and rechargeable batteries through USB C. Pre-orders are now available, and it is set to be released in Japan in February 2024.

The Digimon Pendulum Color will be available in three models: NatureSpirits, Deep Savers, and Nightmare Soldiers. Each model will have its own selection of 32 Digimon characters.

The three models of the Digimon Pendulum Color

The original Digimon Pendulum was first released in 2020 as the second Digimon training game following the Digital Monster. The Digital Monster also received its own color remake earlier this year.

Some of the Digimon characters included in the rosters are Triceramon and Tailmon for Nature Spirits, Dolphmon and Plesiomon for Deep Savers, and Wizardmon and LadyDevimon for Nightmare Soldiers.

By connecting with a different model, players can unlock special evolution routes, and the Jogress feature, which is typical of this game, is also back.

Interestingly, Bandai has teased an additional product related to the Jogress feature that will be released in the future. This product will unlock an additional Digimon character that can only evolve with it.

In this new version, the speed of training has been increased compared to the 1998 original. Additional features include a cold mode and the ability to save one Digimon in training as a backup, which can also be used as a Jogress partner.

Funnily enough, Bandai has released a trailer that pays homage to the absolutely meme-tastic 1998 commercials, which you can watch below. They have also provided English subtitles knowing the meme value of the trailer and the large number of fans the product has in the West.

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