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E3 2021 Live Event Has Been Canceled – Report

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The live component of E3 2021 was canceled, according to documents released by the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission.

A document released by the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission (discovered by Resetera user RÖsti) notes that the E3 2021 physical event has been canceled.

The document notes that the Congressional Commission is working with ESA (the E3 organizer) to develop broadcast solutions for an online-only E3 later this year.

Earlier this month we heard that E3 2021 was set to be a digital-only show, although official comments from ESA are yet to be made.

Apparently we’ll be getting three days of live streaming coverage, remote demos and more, and it’ll all take place between June 15th and 17th.

Gaming’s Geoff Keighley won’t be returning to be the face of the event’s live streams and videos (online or in person), but the good news is that Summer Game Fest will be returning this year too.

Other publishers, including Sony, EA and Activision, have been moving away from a unique centralized E3 event for several years.

If you’re a fan of large, expensive in-person events, don’t fret: The Board of Los Angeles is working to get a license for E3 shows in 2022 and 2023. ESA has announced that it will share full plans for E3 2021 soon.