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EA FC 24 Starts in Few Hours

2 min

Thursday, 28.09.2023


By the way: You can’t start the Weekend League this weekend. The first Weekend League has been postponed by EA FC 24.


New Bundesliga POTM for EA FC 24 known

As the release gets closer, EA FC has released the Bundesliga Player of the Month. This will be attacker Boniface from Bayer Leverkusen. His SBC can now be found in the game and can be solved.

Boniface POTM EA FC 24


Tactics at launch: Since Early Access, some tactics have already emerged that players like to bring to bear. We show you some of the best tactics & formations to start in EA FC 24.


Who are the best players? Even before the release of EA FC 24 the best players were published. You can find all top ratings in EA FC 24 here.


New feature Evolutions in EA FC 24: An exciting new element in Ultimate Team are the Evolutions. They allow you to improve certain players of your club.


Talents for the start in the career mode: If you want to start with the career in EA FC 24, it is worth buying cheap talents. We show you the best talents in the career mode of EA FC with the greatest potential.


New event in EA FC 24 announced: On September 29 EA FC 24 starts, and in the evening the first major event for everyone in Ultimate Team is also directly on the agenda: The Road to the Knockouts event revolves around the European club competitions and brings strong cards.


Is there crossplay in EA FC 24 at release? Yes, crossplay will be available from the beginning. However, only certain combinations are possible. How to play EA FC 24 with friends in crossplay, we show you here.


Aprops Squad Battles: In EA FC 24, an important innovation in Ultimate Team is that Squad Battles run shorter. That’s why players wanted to set 4 minutes in Squad Battles, because the game displays 6 minutes before each match. But this seems to be simply a visual error and the actual half-time duration is already correct.


In general, some players have been with us for just under a week and are taking their first steps in EA FC. The season has already started in Ultimate Team. There you can already collect rewards, for example from the Squad Battles, which is a good mode to try out at the start.

When do the Squad Battles rewards come?They always appear on Sundays, we have a detailed overview of the Squad Battles rewards for you here.

11:30 a.m.

What’s new in Ultimate Team? The biggest change in Ultimate Team is probably the debut of the female soccer players. They are now also represented with some very strong cards.

You can find an overview of the new features in Ultimate Team here.


What’s new in EA FC 24? Basically, you can find your way around the new game very quickly if you have played FIFA. Also, the familiar modes return, but there are a few changes.

Here you can find an overview of the new features in the EA FC 24 career mode.


Here you will find the most important information about the release as well as some interesting articles about EA FC. We will keep you up to date with the latest information here in the ticker.


Tomorrow is the official release day of EA Sports FC. However, you can already play tonight, at 00:00 the game should be unlocked.