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Ea Fc 24: the Best Talents in Midfield

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You are looking for strong midfield talents for the career mode of EA FC 24 ? Then we show you here midfielders with the greatest potential and a selection of cheap talents..

That’s why talents are so important in career mode: The best talents are extremely important for a successful time in the career mode of EA Sports FC 24. We show you here young players who have a lot of potential for improvement and through training and strong performances can become better and better and become real world stars.

Midfielders are the most versatile players on the soccer field and can provide danger in attack or extra security in front of the defense.

In total, there are 3 positions in the midfield:

  • ZOM – Central attacking midfielders often lack physicality, but are fast, can dribble and pass.
  • ZM – Central midfielders are all-around talents and can do everything a little bit.
  • ZDM – Are a bit more massive and bring more physical and defensive strengths to the game, but are more often lacking in technique.

If you buy the right talents, they can become absolute top performers in FC 24’s career mode. However, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Potential is dynamic. So it depends on your training and performance how much a player fulfills his potential.
  • You can retrain players. For example, defensive midfielders can become offensive players if you think they are better suited there.
  • The market value is not fixed. You can also try to convince your counterpart of a cheaper transfer.

Here we show you a selection of the best midfield talents in FC 24.

Best midfield talents with the greatest potential in EA FC 24 career mode.

The selection criteria: Here we present you the best midfielders for the career of FC 24, who are maximum 23 years old. However, in the overview you will also find well-known talents like Musiala, Bellingham or Wirtz, who are hard to get due to their extremely high market value.

Below we show you cheaper talents.

The best talents in EA Sports FC 24 for ZM, ZOM and ZDM sorted by potential:

Players Age Total value Potential Position Market value
Jamal Musiala 20 86 93 ZOM, ZM, LM 134.5 million
Pedri 20 86 92 ZM 105 million
Florian Wirtz 20 85 91 ZOM, ZM 83.5 million
Jude Bellingham 20 86 91 ZM, ZOM 100.5 million
Gavi 18 83 90 ZM, LF 68.5 million
Gabri Veiga 21 78 89 ZM, ZOM 56.5 million
Eduardo Camavinga 20 82 89 ZDM, ZM, LV 56.5 million
Enzo Fernández 22 83 89 ZM, ZDM 58 million
Xavi Simons 20 79 89 ZOM, LF, RF 38.5 million
Aurélien Tchouaméni 23 84 89 ZDM, ZM 58.5 million
Sandro Tonali 23 86 89 ZDM, ZM 84 million
Warren Zaïre-Emery 17 75 88 ZM, ZDM 13 million
Fabio Miretti 19 75 88 ZM, ZOM 13.5 million
Arda Güler 18 77 88 ZOM, ZM, RF 22 million
Tommaso Baldanzi 20 77 87 ZOM, MS 23 million
Nicolò Fagioli 22 77 87 ZM, ZDM 23.5 million
Ryan Gravenberch 21 79 87 ZM 39.5 million
Thiago Almada 22 79 87 ZOM, ZM, MS 39.5 million
Sancet 23 81 87 ZOM, ZM, ST 40.5 million
Noah Lahmadi 18 65 86 ZM, ZDM 2.3 million

Cheap midfield talent in EA FC 24 with a lot of potential

These are the selection criteria: Here we present you 10 players who are not too expensive and do not exceed the market value of 10 million. These can help you especially at the beginning of the career, when the budget is still a little tighter.

Cheap midfield talent, ranked by potential:

Players Age Total value Potential Position Market value
Noah Lahmadi 18 65 86 ZM, ZDM 2.3 million
Stefan Bajcetic 18 72 86 ZDM, ZM 5 million
Simone Pafundi 17 67 86 ZOM, RM 2.5 million
Rico Lewis 18 73 86 ZDM, RV 7 million
Desire Doue 18 71 86 ZOM, RF 4.4 million
Gianluca Prestianni 17 70 86 ZOM, RM, RF 4 million
Paul Wanner 17 63 86 ZOM, LM, RM 1.5 million
Tom Bishop 17 63 86 ZOM 2.4 million
Roméo Lavia 19 73 86 ZDM 7 million
Martin Baturina 20 74 86 ZM, ZOM 7 million

What do you think about the midfield talents? Which ones do you pick for your team? Tell us about it in the comments!

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