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EA Sports FC 24: A New Era

To say it in advance: no. Who has followed this game series over the last years, will have noticed only marginal changes in individual games compared to the predecessor. EA Sports FC 24 (honestly: you will all call it FIFA 24…) is no exception, which doesn’t mean that it’s not worth to have a closer look at the game.

The first EA football game without FIFA license is the first without Messi and Ronaldo in Europe. Coincidence?

The problem is: If you are one of those who play UT mode with passion and have already saved up to invest large sums in player packs, you won’t care what I write in my review. Those who have been playing regularly for years or even decades know that it is hardly worth buying a new game every year for casual gaming, because the differences from year to year are simply not significant.

Writing a guide for newcomers on the other hand is probably difficult from my point of view, because I have looked into almost every FIFA game since the end of the 90s and have no unbiased picture. So I’ll try to objectively highlight what is positive or negative in the main modes, in which aspects FIF… h, EA Sports FC 24 makes a good impression and what could and should be improved (maybe even for years).

The scope is as usual impressive: from the best leagues in Europe to the French Ligue 2, the German 3rd league or the fourth-class English League Two; from internationally rather insignificant leagues such as the Indian and Romanian to top leagues of women’s teams from Spain, Germany and the USA. Everything was fully licensed, except for a few Italian teams:
For example, there was no license for Serie A champion SSC Napoli, Roman clubs Lazio and AS, and Atalanta Bergamo. But in Italy you had in the past yes more frequent difficulties with it (or the competition has secured exclusive rights) – just think of Piemonte Calcioor half the Serie B with fantasy logos and jerseys.The difficulty level seems to me a bit more moderate. Of course, you can still play world class and legend. Everything below drfte for born FIFA gambler not be a big problem. In between, numerous gameplay settings allow you to enable/disable assistance for goal kicks, crosses, or jumps, which once again requires extra concentration in some game situations.

Beginners can, for example, set goal kicks to automatically go towards the goal or crosses to simply find the nearest teammate. Advanced players may want to have more control through manual or semi-controlled action options.

Even the AI can make mistakes

Bugs have not struck me so far big, but that my player in Volta mode sometimes wants to perform a backflip (!) after a shot, but cancels it in mid-air and lands safely again. Then there are the contortions familiar even from patched versions of earlier games, when a player wants to artistically pass the ball halfway up and almost knots his limbs in the process.

A badly timed Grtsche can also sometimes go into the void.

Aufllig often I can also take the opponent by simple ball removal the Spielgert off, if I stand high and start early and aggressively. This gives me a lot of space quickly and I can generate a one-on-one situation.

However, I can’t say for sure if there’s a bug behind this that often makes AI defenders look worse when attacking like this. At the same time, grunting has become much more difficult. You generally need the right timing so that you don’t unfairly hum your opponent or he doesn’t just slip through your fingers.

In general, I have the feeling that the AI reacts more realistically, which means that it also makes mistakes, especially with smaller clubs or weaker opponents.

So the goalkeeper comes out too far or a player puts the ball too far ahead. The Torhter has parried earlier with parades after my feeling very hufig automatically over the goal or into the Aus. In the meantime, balls are more often deflected forward or sideways without rolling out of bounds, so that the attacking player has a second chance now and then.