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Eafc 24 Brazilian Managers: Complete Ultimate Team List

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There have been many brilliant Brazilian soccer managers over the years. World champion “Big Phil” Scolari comes to mind, and many legendary players like Jairzinho, Zico and Dunga have tried their hand at management after their playing days.

However, Brazilian managers are very rare in EAFC 24. This is probably due to a long-standing licensing issue between the Brazilian league and not only EA Sports, but anyone who wants to license images of players from that league.

The conventional wisdom is that companies in Brazil have to negotiate with each player individually, making inclusion in EAFC a logistical challenge. This is also the reason why there are so few Brazilian managers in EAFC 24.

The few Brazilian managers you can collect are partly real, active managers, and partly stock photo stand-ins. There are a lot more fake managers boosting options for various nations in EAFC than you might initially think, but Brazil is definitely the place where they are most needed.

Pericles is one of the few real Brazilian managers in EAFC 24 | Photo credit: EA Sports/

This is frustrating, especially because there is so much Brazilian talent around the world. Many popular Brazilians like Neymar and Vini Jr. or one of the best players like Debinha and Marta can benefit from a manager’s chemistry if you lack compatible players.

The fact that it’s easy for most countries to improve the chemistry between players and a manager to connect the leagues, but not for one of the most avid soccer nations in the world, is one of the stranger aspects of EAFC 24.

Here you will find all Brazilian managers in EAFC 24, so you can search for them specifically. But keep your fingers crossed that you can pull them from a package so you don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices!

Brazilian managers in EAFC 24 Ultimate Team

  • Kleberton – Ligue 1 – Bronze
  • Beatriz – WSL – Bronze
  • Kamilly – WSL – Bronze
  • Cacapa – Belgian Professional League – Silver
  • Pericles – Saudi Professional League – Silver

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