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An Overview of All Changes in Valve’s Popular Shooter

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Similar to the change from Overwatch to Overwatch 2, Valve does not provide a new game, but only an upgrade for the old one and changes the name, so that the players do not get lost. Thus, they also have no freedom to decide whether they want to play the old or the new shooter.

CS:GO becomes CS2 – These are the changes

With the upgrade from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2, Valve brings some adjustments to the popular shooter. The has changed since the upgrade:

  • Players now benefit from improved graphics
  • Improved light effects
  • The maps look cleaner and brighter, details are better visible
  • Sound effects have been reworked and retuned. The high-pitched sound that was previously present with every kill no longer sounds.
  • New smoke grenades with reactive smoke that spreads and can react to light
  • A refund feature when purchasing weapons
  • A new Ranked mode, now called Premier
  • The old familiar purchase wheel was removed and replaced with a new menu
  • Adjustments to the user interface both in the lobby and in the game. At the bottom center, for example, it is now displayed how many kills you have achieved in a row.

What remains are the basic game principles and all the maps that players already know from CS:GO. In addition, all skins remain – players take their visual customizations with them, which even look a bit better in Counter-Strike 2, as they appear in new splendor due to the graphics improvements.

However, the Steam achievements have disappeared. A point that will probably annoy many passionate achievement collectors. Instead of the previous achievements on Steam, there is now only one, which you get for starting CS2. Then the shooter is directly on 100 percent and is listed as a “perfect game”.

“R.I.P. CS:GO” – Some players are unhappy with the update

With the switch to CS2, similar voices are being raised in the Counter-Strike community as they were when Overwatch 2 was released. Some players are upset that the old version of the game has disappeared, others are angry that the new version is too similar to the old one. But there also seem to be players who are happy with Valve’s actions. We summarize a few of the statements from the Steam reviews of CS2 for you:

  • Arcxne: “RIP CS:GO”
  • nicolasinc33: “No new mechanics that I find interesting. Looks more like market manipulation to me to make skin sales bring in more capital. But some people like to play the same game for eleven years, so if you liked CS:GO, you’ll like CS2 too”
  • CRIMINAL: “CS2 is currently disappointing, maybe they’ll upgrade it in the future”
  • The Yamato: “CS2 is stupid, bring back CS:GO”.
  • Deit2K: “The king is dead, long live the king. Welcome CS2”
  • Crispy: “Nothing new. Just CS:GO with a 2”
  • Smoke Em: “Bye, CS:GO. Bye, all my achievements. Bye, all my game history and ranks from the last decade. Hello, new game that won’t run on my processor. Thanks for nothing, Valve.”

In addition, many players state that the shooter no longer works since the update. For some, it is due to the now higher requirements, but many people’s PCs meet the minimum dimensions and still Counter-Strike 2 does not run smoothly on them. There will probably be a few more patches for such problems in the near future, as is often the case with releases.

Are you happy with the switch from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2? Feel free to write us a comment about it. You can also find more information about the release of the new Counter-Strike version and the engine Valve has switched to.