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Epic Games Director of Publishing Resigns Citing “not a Good Fit” for Future

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Epic Games Director Publishing Leaves Thumbnail

Sergiy Galyonkin, Epic Games’ Director of Publishing, has announced his departure from the company after spending the last 8 years there.

During Galyonkin’s time at Epic Games, he played a significant role in the development of what is now known as Epic 4.0. In a recent tweet, he explained that he is leaving because he doesn’t align well with the new version called Epic 5.0, which is on the horizon.

The upcoming version aims to transform Epic Games from solely a game developer, engine creator, and publisher into more of a “platform.”

Although Galyonkin may no longer fit into Epic Games’ future plans, he has expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work there and has appreciated the company’s support, such as providing financial aid to Ukraine following the Russia invasion in 2022.

While he plans to remain in the gaming industry, Galyonkin has not yet disclosed where he will be heading next.

Galyonkin’s departure marks another significant figure leaving Epic Games in the past month. The company previously saw their chief creative officer resign, and there have also been layoffs affecting the developer of Fall Guys, Mediatonic.