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Everspace 2 Receives New Loot, Perks, and Bug Fixes in Armed and Dangerous Update

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Rockfish Games has announced that the first major content update for Everspace 2, called Armed and Dangerous, is now available on all platforms. The update brings a variety of new features and playable content. Watch the trailer for the Everspace 2: Armed and Dangerous update below.

The update introduces a range of new gear for players to find. This includes 10 new item sets, 2 new companion perks, 4 new ship perks for each class, 4 new catalysts for crafting, and 15 new Tier 4 wing modules for Everspace 2. For a complete list of additions and changes, refer to the patch notes below.

Now that Armed and Dangerous and the console release of Everspace 2 are out, Rockfish Games is focusing on their next major update for the game, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2024. This update, titled Incursions, will introduce new legendary items, front and engine ship modules, and an overhaul of the game’s end-game content.

Everspace 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. For more information, read our review.

Watch the trailer here


  • Added 10 new item sets (34 new items total)
  • Added 45 new attributes for item bonuses
  • Added 4 new catalysts
  • Added new consumable: Combat Drone
  • Added 4 new passives to each ship class, totaling 36 new ship passives
  • Added new Tier 4 wing modules
  • Added “Randomize” function for ship color and module customization
  • Added Quickload/Quicksave
  • Added a special timed autosave within a location that occurs when collectibles are unlocked (delayed during fights/missions)
  • Added new Khala perk that reveals remaining secrets in a location if most secrets have already been discovered
  • Added new Tareen perk that allows selling resources from the crafting inventory
  • Added re-rolling of bonus attributes modify action
  • [PC Only] Added “Hold To Enable” and “Hold To Disable” Inertia Dampeners control mode


  • Improvements to HUD for 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Achievement retroactively awarded for players coming from the demo
  • Increased number of NPCs during “Volatile Goods” jobs
  • Renamed “Executioner” Scatter Gun to “Enforcer”
  • Vindicator drones off-screen HUD marker only visible during combat
  • Improved distracting ability of holograms for Castiel’s Protection legendary shield
  • Added option to switch off Elek’s “Fire Support” perk
  • Secondary weapon ammo now fully replenished when starting an Ancient Rift
  • Improved clarity of clues for the 5-cube secret in “Kheimon” and removed confusing symbols
  • Eclipse set buff no longer resets its duration when switching weapons
  • Integration of community suggestions for translation improvements from Crowdin
  • Selected inventory sort mode remains unchanged when entering a new location
  • Increased maximum item shop inventory size
  • Main menu, pause menu, and docked menus now have a 60 FPS frame rate limit
  • Scatter Gun base damage increased, but charge damage bonus reduced
  • Increased damage of Vanguard ULT “Static Overload”
  • Increased base bonus of Vanguard Expertise, but reduced scaling limit
  • Added more variance to individual Booster stats for balancing
  • Slightly increased energy consumption of Synchro Pulse
  • Reduced fire rate and range of Jaeger, but increased base damage
  • Added icon marker for set items in UI
  • Ship customization now provides more information about unlocked modules
  • Improved ship dealer’s price tag for trade-in, price colorization, and purchase process
  • All looted items now shown in on-screen log of loot container
  • Changed appearance of HUD XP-bar when reaching max level
  • Restricted item modification and changing map modes during a rift
  • Added missing (intro-) SFX playback on select menu screens and pages
  • Improved item handling in loot container to prevent certain exploits

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where all shields had a 5-second recharge delay
  • Fixed Redeemer Drone not firing
  • Fixed issue where remote-controlling a drone did not restore visibility of health/equipment HUD in 1st person mode if “hide HUD in 1st person mode” was enabled
  • Fixed issue where transfer of needed item during “need repairs” distress call was still possible while ship was exploding
  • Fixed issue where a ship could not be purchased despite having sufficient credits
  • Fixed Outlaw Teleport Drone not firing missiles from a distance
  • Fixed issue where menu options that open a context window for selection could be changed with “navigate left” and “navigate right” actions, but without effect
  • Fixed Bomber not receiving equivalent energy on secondary ammo refund
  • Fixed Energy Orbs not providing weapon energy
  • Fixed issue where Vanguard “device cooldown reduction for support devices” perk also reduced device duration
  • Fixed issue where custom resolution scaling only worked immediately after changing the setting, not after changing locations or loading a game
  • Fixed issue where “Excessive Force” perk did not re-initialize correctly after undocking
  • Fixed issue where damage done by Gunship turret and sticky turrets did not count as player-initiated damage
  • Fixed certain buffs and debuffs not resetting correctly
  • Fixed issue where “Symphony of Destruction” perk would trigger when killing creatures
  • Fixed keybinding conflict regarding Spatial Bypass target location on map when “OK” was bound to “Space Bar”
  • Fixed issue where changing only joystick deadzone(s) in keybinding screen did not lead to recognized and applied changes
  • Fixed issue where HUD markers of single emitters for “trap” encounters were not immediately visible when too far away
  • Fixed issue where “Close Call” perk did not regenerate when docking
  • Fixed issue where Time Extender did not reset correctly when leaving location while activated
  • Fixed issue where ammo exceeded max ammo after replacing high-capacity catalyst on secondary weapons
  • Fixed issue where device cooldown reductions were not correctly displayed in HUD
  • Fixed issue where plasma harvester states were not saved
  • Fixed potential controller stick drift in supralight/photo mode
  • Fixed issue where no standing/credits were deducted from “Ramen Delivery” jobs if drone was destroyed during 2nd or 3rd delivery
  • [Windows] Fixed mouse wheel scrolling problems in Missions screen
  • [Xbox|PS5] Fixed issue where spoken language was not set to German on very first start when [Xbox|PS5]’s language is set to German
  • [Steam] Fixed issue where language was not automatically set to Steam’s language on very first start after install
  • [Steam] Fixed issue where game froze when selling too many items at once
  • Fixed multiple issues when scrolling through savegame selection (mostly gamepad-related)
  • Fixed HUD loot log when looting more than 10 items at once
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues and inconsistencies regarding navigation and selection of menu entries in ship customization
  • Fixed issue where secondary item icons were displayed smaller than others in HUD log
  • Fixed multiple issues with buttons shown in footer of a different in-game menu tab
  • Fixed scrolling of item stat cards within a loot container
  • Fixed fade-in animation for Data subtab that got stuck in some cases
  • Fixed item log showing the available stack amount of crafting resources from shops instead of the purchased amount
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding amount selection widget, some of which could result in invalid item states