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Fae Farm – Test, Simulation, Nintendo Switch

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Fae Farm: Stranded on the island

Within the story I am on the way with a boat, but get into a whirlpool, which smashes it. With last strength I save myself on the island Azoria, where mayor Merritt takes me friendly. She sends me to a farm, which is to become now my new home. I get to know the different people who live in the coastal town. They teach me how to grow plants, sell items, fish, catch insects and more.

Azoria is cut off from the rest of the world because no one can get here due to the whirlpools that are everywhere in the water. Trade routes are also cut off because of this, as a sign at the harbor tells me. Later I find out who or what is responsible for this and solve the problem. But there are other challenges in the world that plague me and the inhabitants, which is why I also help to overcome them. These include toxic fog, a blizzard and lava, for example.

Enchanted sowing in any season

In Fae Farm, similar to genre colleagues Stardew Valley, Sun Haven and Story of Seasons, four different seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. With each of them, the environment changes visually and offers different fish as well as insects that I can grab and fill a clever book called “Almanac” with.

New seeds are also available every 28 days, but I can’t just buy them and plant them. Instead, I go to gardener Holly and buy the same seeds every time, which at first glance amazes and bores me. But wait: After a short time I find out that there is a so-called transformation fertilizer, which then transforms the barren beets, cauliflower, beans and potato into seasonal crops, if I add it when sowing.

Various questlines also await me, because there is a special festival for each season, for which one of the residents needs my help. What I miss are the events, which unfortunately I can’t visit here with my character – I just complete the quest, talk to the respective person and then hop to the next season.

The cozier the better

On my own farm I can create fields and set up numerous workbenches , each of which is required for crafting different items. Thus, my wool is processed on the loom, wood on the wooden bench and ingots I melt in the furnace. In my house there is only a mattress at the beginning, but I equip it with more and more furniture. In addition, for some money and wood, I can hire the blacksmith to enlarge it and add more rooms, which I can then decorate.

Fae Farm offers numerous items for decoration, different floors and wallpapers, as well as paths and fences for outside. Designing is worthwhile not only visually: there is a value, the comfort, which indicates how cozy my house is. That, in turn, impacts my health and energy when my figure wakes up in the morning. The cozier my home, the better I feel.

As farm animals there are chickens and rabbits in Fae Farm at the beginning, whereby the rabbits visually remind me somewhat of sheep. Through them I gain eggs and material for cloth. Later, when I expand my farm and unlock an additional barn, there are even more animals to buy: Cows and sheep are now added, bringing me milk and wool. By the way, I name my farm animals after my colleagues in the editorial department.