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Faker (27) Wins Game of World Stars, Probably Escapes Early Career Break – Didn’t Even Have to Run

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In League of Legends, an important match for the future of some top players was played this morning. Star players like Faker, Ruler or Chovy probably save themselves the obligatory military service in South Korea, which would mean the end of their careers. But a win against China in the semifinals of the Asia Games was now a preliminary decision.

Why did Faker face career-ending threats?

  • In South Korea, all able-bodied men must serve in the military for two years. There are almost no exceptions for this, even millionaires and successful musicians like the boys of the K-pop band BTS have to interrupt their careers and do their service.
  • Military service lasts about 2 years. For professional e-sports players in South Korea, being drafted practically means the end of their career. That’s how Khan, a former teammate of Faker, got it in 2021: He couldn’t postpone his service any longer and had to end his career prematurely at 26.
  • Faker is 27 and will turn 28 in May 2024 – so that would be the end of the career of arguably the greatest LoL player.

Who wins gold for South Korea, saves the service of the weapon

This is his chance: Currently, the Asia Games are held in China. In South Korea, there is a special rule that athletes and classical musicians who increase the prestige of South Korea can be exempted from military service.

Since soccer players have already been exempted from military service after winning gold at the Asian Games, it is assumed that e-sports players will also be able to avoid military service if they win gold at the Asian Games.

And at the Asia Games, LoL is now being played for gold for the first time.

South Korea beats China at Asia Games, is now clear favorite for gold

Will Faker win gold? The LoL team from South Korea is outstanding: One enters with half the team of T1 and supplements Zeus, Keria and Faker with the 3 exceptional players Chovy, Ruler and Kanavi:

  • Ruler and Kanavi are both South Korean legionnaires who play for the best team in China, JD Gaming.
  • Chovy (22) is considered a possible successor to Faker, the best midlaner and LoL player in the world.

The only halfway serious competitor for South Korea was China, who fielded stars like jackeylove or knight.

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South Korea and China met in the semifinals this morning and South Korea defeated China 2-0.

Faker didn’t even have to play himself, but “our Lord and Savior” Chovy shined in the mid-lane.

LoL analyst Caedrel commented dryly on Twitter: Faker is about to just show up, take a game against Kazakhstan, win gold, grab military service exemption, and then fly home to Worlds.

So it goes on: If South Korea now still wins tomorrow’s final against the team “TPE” (in principle: Taiwan), the stars of South Korea should probably be exempt from military service.

Besides Faker, this would also affect his old rival, Botlaner Ruller. He is 24.

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