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For One Of The Best Robes In Baldur’s Gate 3 You Actually Have To Permanently Sacrifice A Companion

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a strong robe in Act 1 that normally requires you to permanently sacrifice a companion. But one player has shown that it can be done differently without losing the companion. MyMMO tells you how to do it.

Spoiler Warning: The text contains spoilers about a companion quest in Act 1.

In Faerûn there are many powerful items, from legendary weapons and armor to strong durable advantages that can make a decisive difference in battle. One of these coveted armors is the Hell Robe of Mizora, which you can grab as early as Act 1.

However, to get this robe, players have had to kill the Tiefling lady Karlach, one of the companions in the game. But one player has discovered a way to obtain the Hell Robe without permanently eliminating Karlach. You’ll even be able to recruit her.

Normally you have to sacrifice Karlach permanently for the robe, but there is another way

What is this robe? You can get the Hell Robe from Mizora. It gives you fire resistance, +1 to your armor class, and a level 4 spell called Fire Shield: Warm. The spell does 2d8 fire damage when the enemy hits you with a melee attack – for 10 turns the spell can last unless you lose your concentration. In addition, you will only receive half the damage if it is cold damage. On top of that, the robe looks pretty good too.

How do I get the robe? Normally you have to sacrifice your beloved Tiefling lady Karlach permanently for the robe. But the player acedamegames shows you on Instagram how you can get the robe without losing Karlach.

Here you can see acedamegames video:

Here’s how he goes about it:

  • First, go to the druid grove and talk to Wyll. He will ask you if you can defeat the devil for him. Accept the quest, recruit Wyll and dismiss all your other companions except him.
  • After that you go to Karlach, but press G once so that Wyll doesn’t follow you to her. Otherwise a sequence with him will start. Now kill Karlach without talking to her first. It’s best to use a ranged weapon, a spell or a magic trick. But don’t worry, she won’t be permanently dead.
  • Now return to Wyll and talk to him to continue his story quest.
  • Now you can bring Karlach back to life with a resurrection scroll. But be careful not to get too close to her so that you don’t trigger a cutscene.
  • Teleport to the camp and take a long rest.
  • Mizora will now come to you. After the dialogue you will receive the strong robe of hell.
  • After that you can go back to Karlach and even recruit her, all would never have been anything.

Overall, this method shows that there are often multiple ways to get to the goal in Baldur’s Gate 3. Players don’t always have to make serious moral decisions to get coveted items. Now that this secret is out, you can go hunting for the powerful Hell Robe in Faerûn with an additional option and a lighter conscience.

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