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Sonic Superstars: Game Should Run in 60 Fps on Switch

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In October, two heroes of the 90s platformers will engage in a long-distance duel with new titles. Within a few days, both a new sidescroller of Mario and Sonic will be released. The next adventure of the blue hedgehog – Sonic Superstars – does not only rely on speed.

For example, Sonic’s first 2D game since 2017, which will be released on all current systems, is expected to run inflush 60 fps (frames per second) – even on the Switch, as Naoto Oshima of co-developer Arzest revealed in an interview.

Sonic Superstars: Frenzy around 4-game mode

For a game that relies so heavily on speed, as a Sonic adventure traditionally does, a smooth 60 fps frame rate is an important element that contributes significantly to the game’s quality. This information is all the more important since this setting has not been supported for all Switch games for a long time.

Whether these 60 fps are only achieved when the game is played on the connected screen on the Switch or also in handheld mode, however, is not known. However, it can be assumed that the framerate is also possible on the other systems on which the game is released.

Sonic Superstars can be played with up to four players simultaneously, but there is also the option to choose from the characters Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Emmy in single-player mode. The latter is especially recommended for beginners, says Team Sonic’s Takashi Iizuka in the same interview, as she can perform double jumps and longer-range attacks. All characters have a different gameplay prologue and can be controlled differently.

Sonic’s latest adventure will be released on October 17 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Switch and PC. Already today, owners of Sonic Frontiers can access the third free expansion Super Complete Battle. Why the pixel Sonic has had his day and SEGA wants to focus on the polished version from Sonic Superstars, you can read here.