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Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations and Lumitoile Farming Tips

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The search for Genshin Impact Lumitoile locations will take you to the far north of Fontaine and into the depths of the Liffey region. Efficient farming requires some teleportation, so it’s a good idea to lay the groundwork by activating all nearby waypoints during your first run.

If you’ve rolled Nevillette but haven’t reached Fontaine yet, you’re in luck. A few waypoints will automatically unlock and you can explore the region and swim underwater without reaching a certain adventure rank or completing Archon Quests.

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Genshin Impact Lumitoile Locations

  • Lumitoile sites – west bank
  • Lumitoile sites – east bank
  • Lumitoile locations – Underwater

Lumitoile sites – west bank

After the 4.1 update, you should be able to quickly reach the Liffey region via an automatically unlocked waypoint. It is located northeast of the Echoes of the Deep Tides domain on the southern shore of the region’s lake and brings you directly near a Statue of the Seven that you can use for future farming runs.

Directly east of you is a small collection of five Lumitoile, so glide down from the statue of the Seven and grab them before moving on.

The next point is to the west of the statue. The first time you get there, follow the road that spits you out near two Fatui camps. Cross the river near the waterfall and continue along the road until you reach another waypoint. You can use this one to get to the nearby lumitoile faster next time. However, make sure you are ready for the fight. The Fatui will show up again when you return for more Lumitoile.

Drop down from the waypoint to the coast and collect the Lumitoile there.

Lumitoile sites – east bank

Cross the lake and activate the waypoint on the eastern shore. Walk southeast along the shore, ignoring or fighting the Fatui Operatives, and grab the Lumitoile lying on the path. On the interactive map they are shown as lying under the surface of the water, but in reality they are not. Turn right at the destroyed bridge and look for three more Lumitoile on the shore.

The interactive map and, if you have Lyney in your party, the in-game map show one or two resources underwater near the piece of land with the three hydro devices on it, but that seems to be a mistake. I couldn’t find them, and then the in-game marker disappeared when I picked up some mints.

Anyway, return to the waypoint on the coast and then travel north along the coast, collecting Lumitoile. Activate the waypoint on the north coast and search the coast for more Lumitoile.

The next group of Lumitoile is a little harder to find.

Lumitoile locations – Underwater

Activate the underwater waypoints in the Liffey region during your first pass to make subsequent farming trips more efficient.

About half of the underwater Lumitoiles cling to the metal ruins you’ll be swimming through, so they’re a little harder to spot at first. Some in the southernmost areas are just on the bottom of the lake, but in general, if metal is nearby, the Lumitoile is probably on it.

For this section, dive in from the waypoint on the west bank. Start at the top of the tower – grab the hydroculus if you haven’t already – and work your way down. You’ll see the telltale sparks as you descend, and you may want to disable the spotlights on the tower first if you have trouble avoiding them.

Go back to the waypoint and repeat the process for the next sections.

Use the waypoints in the middle of the lakebed to pick up the rest, and get the last one at the entrance to Meropede’s fortress.

Speaking of the fortress, there is a strip of Lumitoile that is at the same depth as the fortress, but below the waypoint on the east shore. I haven’t figured out how to get there yet, but it might be connected to a story quest.

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