Get this AEW: Fight Forever - HOOKHausen DLC or Be Cursed!

Get the AEW: Fight Forever – HOOKHausen DLC or Face a Curse!

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Two new wrestlers have joined the AEW: Fight Forever roster. “The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil” Hook and the Very Nice, Very Evil Danhausen are now available to be added to the game through the Very Handsome, Very Evil DLC pack.

Hook, the son of legendary wrestler/commentator Tazz, has a completely different physique from his father but has inherited his hard-hitting style. He uses the Kata ha jime, renamed Red Rum (which is “Murder” spelled backwards) to quickly end his matches.

Danhausen has gained popularity with his quirky style during his time in the independent wrestling scene. Despite even former manager Jim Cornette, who typically dislikes modern pro wrestling, expressing enjoyment for his performances. Although Danhausen will not have his jar of teeth in the game, he can curse his opponents with various effects.

The Very Handsome, Very Evil pack can be purchased separately for $7.99 or as part of the game’s Elite Edition. It is currently available on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch. However, these two wrestlers will be added to the Switch roster on October 5th. This DLC pack also marks the end of the first season pass for the game. Will there be more wrestlers added in the future, or is this the culmination of the initial effort by this growing wrestling promotion?

AEW: Fight Forever is currently available on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

AEW: Fight Forever | HOOKHausen: Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack Available Now!

The HOOKHausen: Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack is now available for #AEWFightForever on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch from October 5th.

Download it now, or you might face a curse!