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Gritty Action Rpg Soulstice and Another Free Game Available

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New Thursday, new free games in the Epic Games Store: This week, the publisher is also generous and gives us two instead of just one free title that we can download from the platform.

As always, you have a whole week from now to add the two free games to your growing game library before they are replaced by asuccessor on Thursday, October 5, at 4:59 p.m. sharp – provided Epic stays true to the previous line.

Free games in the Epic Games Store: Dark action RPG meets model kit for creative minds

As usual, you only need to fulfill one requirement to get the two free games in the Epic Games Store: You need a aactive account on the gaming platform, with which you can pick up the free titles. This you create within a few minutes, its use is of course also free. Once this is done, you can look forward to the action-packed role-playing game Soulstice this week. But for those who prefer to take it a bit easier, Moonlit’s Model Builder offers a creative balance.

Soulstice is penned by Reply Game Studios and lets you follow the story of two sisters, Briar and Lute. You’ll explore the particularly dest held kingdom of Keldia, teeming with secrets only so. You’ll be equally challenged to master the multi-faceted and dynamic combat system while facing creepy hordes of enemies and brute bosses. Especially the synergy between both sisters is a cool gameplay element, where you’ll make use of clever combos of your abilities.

Things are less hectic with the Model Builder, which, as already mentioned, comes from the developer Moonlit. The name says it all, which is why you get an almost endless model builder of creative possibilities with which you can rebuild your favorite figures, vehicles or other objects you feel like. You can choose from a wide range of tools and aids those you need to be able to realize your project exactly as you imagined.

Thus, also this week a varied mixture is offered, with which you can always find the right balance between action and relaxation. If the two current free games are not for you at all, it’s wait and see: Already in the next week another free title will be available for download in the Epic Games Store with Godlike Burger.

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