Guide to Friends Like These in Starfield
Guide to Friends Like These in Starfield

Guide to Friends Like These in Starfield

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If you’re looking for a game guide related to the quest “Friends Like These” in Starfield, you’re in the right place. This quest is essential for gaining UC (United Colonies) citizenship in the game. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this quest:

  1. Starting the Quest: The “Friends Like These” quest begins after the “Eyewitness” quest. In this mission, you will need to gain approval from three different factions to access vital information.
  2. Faction Approvals: To successfully complete “Friends Like These,” you’ll need approval from three factions. These factions are crucial to advancing in the game. One of the factions involved is the Vanguard Council, but you’ll need the agreement of two more groups to access the information you seek.
  3. Archival Codes: Your objective in this quest is to obtain archival codes from House Va’ruun and the Freestar Collective. These codes are essential for progressing in the game and achieving UC citizenship.
  4. Talking to Deputy Elisabeth MacIntyre: To initiate the quest, speak to Deputy Elisabeth MacIntyre. She will provide you with information and guidance on how to proceed with gaining the approvals and obtaining the archival codes.
  5. Mission Walkthrough: To complete this quest successfully, follow the mission’s specific objectives as detailed in the game. These objectives may involve interactions with various characters and factions, so pay attention to the in-game prompts and markers.
  6. Completion Rewards: Successfully completing “Friends Like These” is a significant achievement in Starfield. It not only progresses the story but also plays a crucial role in your character’s journey.

After joining the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield, you will find yourself facing the hostile threat of the Terrormorphs again and again. These creatures are becoming a real problem, but Hadrian believes you can help put an end to them. To do this, however, we will need the approval of the Freestar Rangers and the House of Va’Ruun in the “Friends Like These” quest.

Guide to the Mission “Friends Like These” in Starfield

Guide to the Mission “Friends Like These” in Starfield

The “Friends Like These” mission in Starfield will begin when you speak with Deputy Macintyre in her office. This is located on the top floor of the MAST building, where the Cabinet Chamber from the previous mission, “Eyewitness”, is located.

Assistant Macintyre will be happy to help you, but first you’ll need other people’s approval. | Image credit: Bethesda

She will help you and Hadrian access the archives, where the Dreadmorphs’ data is kept, but first you will need approval from two factions: House Va’Ruun and the Freestar Rangers. She will advise you to talk to the Freestar Rangers and acquire the Archive Code from her first.

Head to the MAST district of New Atlantis and follow your quest marker to the Freestar Rangers Headquarters. Enter Evangeline Radcliffe’s office and talk to her about your plan.

Radcliffe doesn't want to help, but we can persuade her to do so. | Image credit: Bethesda
Radcliffe doesn’t want to help, but we can persuade her to do so. | Image credit: Bethesda

She won’t be very willing to help, but you will have the opportunity to persuade her. By doing so, we selected the following dialogue options and were able to successfully convince her to hand over the code to us.

  • +2 – How many lives are you willing to risk here because you have a grudge against UC?
  • +3 – There has been an attack at the door of your house and what are you going to do? Nothing?
  • +3 – Countless lives may hang on your decision here.

After the conversation, follow Radcliffe to the next room. She will acquire the file code and give it to you. Next, visit the House Va’Ruun headquarters in the MAST district, and prepare for plenty of traps.

In the Va’Ruun House building, you will have to tour the facilities and interact with three intercoms. Each of them will have a power switch next to it that will also need to be turned on. Along the way, there will be some low level turrets and robots that you can probably take out with a couple of bullets.

Talk to Bal'Mor about the current situation. | Image credit: Bethesda
Talk to Bal’Mor about the current situation. | Image credit: Bethesda

He will enter the facilities until he is given the objective of “eliminating the robots.” If you do, a mysterious figure will appear on the other side of the room. Approach and it will be none other than Ambassador Qasrik Bal’Mor himself, whom many had left for dead.

Bal’Mor will be happy to help us. After the conversation, follow him and wait for him to print the archive code for House Va’Ruun. When you give it to her, return to Deputy Macintyre at the MAST building and inform her that she has obtained the two necessary file codes.

Stand in front of the monitor and deposit the file codes. | Image credit: Bethesda
Stand in front of the monitor and deposit the file codes. | Image credit: Bethesda

Macintyre will then tell you to report to the Armistice Archives. When you arrive, approach the monitoring station and listen to the NPC. You will then be able to deposit the three file codes you have in various slots in the room; the file will then open.

Head inside and retrieve the data from the Terrormorph we came to find. Then go back to Deputy Macintyre in the MAST building and give the data to Hadrian. Macintyre will then want to finish giving him his citizenship.

Image credit: Bethesda
Image credit: Bethesda

Follow it, accept the values ​​of the UC Vanguard and you will have officially obtained your citizenship. !! Congratulations!!

Next, we have more unfinished business to attend to in “The Devil You Know.”

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Remember that “Friends Like These” is a pivotal quest in Starfield, and the provided search results contain various guides and walkthroughs to assist you in successfully navigating this mission. Consult these guides as needed to ensure you make the right choices and complete the quest satisfactorily. Enjoy your adventure in the world of Starfield!