Guide to the Mission “On the Run” in Starfield

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After completing the “Surgical Strike” mission with the Freestar Rangers in Starfield, you will need to complete the “On the Run” mission next. This particular mission is quite fun, as it will have you completing the Red Mile, which is what we describe as “Takeshi’s castle in outer space.”

You’ll also be a little closer to tracking down First’s mercenaries and finding out what they want the farmer’s land for, and let’s just say things get pretty interesting at this point. That is, if you’ve been paying attention to the story! In any case, here’s how to complete the Freestar Rangers “On the Run” mission in Starfield.

Guide to the mission “On the run” in Starfield

To get closer to the location of the First mercenaries in Starfield, you will have been told to visit Ranger Autumn MacMillan on the Red Mile.

She is currently investigating a senior member of the First mercenaries, Marco Graziani, for a smuggling operation. If we can arrange a meeting with him, he might have some useful information for us about the First’s mercenaries stealing farmland.

Talk to Autumn about the mission. | Image credit: Bethesda

Travel to the Red Mile on the planet of Porrima III and talk to Autumn, who is sitting by the bar. She will then take you to a table to meet with her contact, Jade, who has an idea on how to get a meeting with Marco; she completes the Red Mile.

Talk to Mei to meet up with Marco. | Image credit: Bethesda

Once the conversation is over, go talk to Mei Divine about meeting Marco. She will organize one as long as you can complete the Red Mile. She obeys, and listen to her make the announcement that you will take on the obstacle course.

Now, he will have to actually participate in the Red Mile. For a complete guide on how to do it and survive, take a look at our guide on how to complete the Red Mile, and come back here once completed. It’s worth noting that if you’re not level 20 by now, this will be a struggle, but it’s still possible with many medicines.

After successfully completing the Red Mile, speak to Mei Divine again. She will let you know that Marco is prepared to meet you on the planet of Codos in his ship, the Fortuna. So, let’s get going!

Make a deal with Marco, and he will give you an encrypted slate. | Image credit: Bethesda

Once aboard the ship, follow your quest marker to Marco and talk to him. He’s a bit of a slimy guy, but he’ll be more than happy to give you the information you need as long as you agree not to rat him out. We recommend doing this; will have no effect on how this quest line ends and saves unnecessary bloodshed. Andreja will approve, but she may not other colleagues.

Return the encrypted slate to Alex Shadid in Akila City. | Image credit: Bethesda

Once you recover Marco’s encrypted dataslate, you know what to do. He returns to Alex Shadid in Akila City and gives him the slate to decipher.

Once you give it to him, it’s time to start the quest “First to Fight, First to Die.”