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Help Riot Create a New League of Legends Item, but Do it Quick

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Oh no, not the League of Legends Mythic items again! I’ve had enough of them since 2021. Thankfully, Riot has listened to my complaints and announced that they will be abandoning these divisive items in the upcoming Preseason 2024. However, this decision leaves a significant gap in the in-game market. To fill that void, Riot has asked players to assist in the creation of a new LoL item – but time is of the essence.

Riot has launched a poll to gather suggestions for a new League of Legends item. The three options available for selection are Trailblazer, Scout’s Fanfare, and Eerie Invitation. Each of these items will leave a unique trail behind your character.

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Trailblazer will leave a sparkling golden mist with a Shurima-inspired theme in your wake, while Scout’s Fanfare is accompanied by delightful little music notes. Eerie Invitation, my personal favorite, will give your character a mysterious invitation into the depths of the Shadow Isles, causing them to exude the familiar creepy blue-green mist.

All three items seem to serve the same purpose, which is to increase speed. Each description implies that the item will enhance your movement speed and that of your teammates, although it is unclear if it applies to the entire team.

The description for Trailblazer also mentions its passive ability called “Make the Path,” which can guide you and your teammates through dangerous encounters. Eerie Invitation’s passive ability, on the other hand, “urges you ever onward towards the destination.” This suggests that the item may have a similar effect to Ghost, but this is only speculation.

A screenshot of a Riot Games poll showing an armored woman with a huge shield and sword running with a trail of blue-green mist in a green area, and effect of an item called 'Eerie Invitation'

If you want to have your say, you need to vote before Friday October 6 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, Saturday October 7 1am BST / 2am CEST. So don’t miss out on your chance to vote, I certainly won’t.

I’m actually quite excited about this poll. While we usually get to choose which characters receive reworks or visual updates, this feels more impactful. As a League enthusiast who has felt left out recently, it’s great to see that Riot is actively involving the community in their decision-making process – although it’s been a rough year in 2023.

However, one of the highlights of 2023 has been the addition of Coven Nami. It is part of a batch of amazing upcoming League of Legends skins. With Coven Nami and Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan, I won’t be keeping track of how much money I’ve spent on League of Legends this month.