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How to Get More Coins, Diamonds and Hearts Guide

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Like most mobile games, Nintendo’s world of dr mario Based on different types of in-game currency: Gold coins, diamonds and hearts..

Managing these three currencies is key to getting the most out of the world of Dr. Mario, which may be the most quintessentially monetized mobile game we’ve seen from Nintendo yet.

We explain each coin in detail and will guide you through how to earn more from each coin.

Red hearts in Dr. Mario’s world

Basically, in Dr. Mario World, the heart is your life. You’ll spend one every time you try a level, even every time you restart or fail.

how to win more hearts

Hearts can be loaded, but the accumulated upper limit is limited. Each game requires 30 minutes of live cooldown time, so you’ll need to close the game for about 3 hours to fully prepare.

You can also earn hearts by completing levels. This means that if you complete a level on the first try, you will always have enough energy to try the next one.

Hearts can also be purchased with diamonds, which we will talk about later.

coins in the world of dr mario

Coins are the most freely distributed of the three currencies and can be used to purchase random items before solving a puzzle, or to welcome a random doctor or assistant to your team in the staff menu.

The first one costs 200 gold coins, which may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly, while a new employee costs 4000 gold coins.

When you complete a level, you get 50 coins for every star you pass the level, for example. 2 stars = 100 coins.

In the upper right corner of the main world screen, there is a clipboard icon that can be pressed. Here you will find your daily “orders,” which are objective tasks that reward you with gold for completing them.

You can also earn overworld coins when you complete the levels of the game. When you pass the viruses that appear on the level map, they will be defeated and converted into gold coins. You can then tap them on the screen to collect them.

However, the most lucrative way to collect coins in single player is by completing levels with question mark blocks in them. When you have completed the stages, you will be rewarded with a large additional reward ranging from 250 to 1000 coins, which is well worth your time.

A certain amount of coins will also appear as a daily gift login reward that you will collect in the store.

For multiplayer fans, you can earn a small amount of coins by playing against other doctors in Versus mode.

Diamonds in the world of Dr. Mario

Finally, diamonds are premium items in Dr. Mario’s world that can be used to purchase hearts and new employees.

Refilling 5 hearts costs 10 diamonds (around £1), and an hour of unlimited attempts costs 30 diamonds (around £3).

However, if you go to the staff menu, recruiting each new member will cost you 40 diamonds (approximately £4).

Each time you acquire a duplicate employee, the employees in your inventory increase their skill level and become more powerful. Once the maximum is reached, they are removed from the pool and you will not be able to obtain them again.

It takes about 2-3% to get each doctor and assistant, and getting them all together would be a big investment. They don’t make a huge difference, so you won’t be missing much if you just delete them.

Diamonds are purchased from the store menu with real money.

To learn more about the world of Dr. Mario, check out our Top Doctors and Assistants page.

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