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If You Are Constantly Overloaded in Starfield, It’s Your Own Fault

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In Starfield you can find loot everywhere – a true feast for collectors. However, this can quickly lead to the inventory being completely overfilled. It’s your own fault, says Bethesda boss Todd Howard.

Todd Howard is game director and executive producer for Bethesda Game Studios, the studio behind titles like Starfield, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. He was also the only person at Bethesda allowed to talk about new information about Starfield before its release.

In an interview uploaded as a YouTube episode on September 25, Todd Howard talks to Ted Price of “The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast” about the phenomenon of players just having to pick up everything and being overloaded. You don’t even need all that stuff.

“No, you don’t need the stuff”

This is what Todd Howard says to Loot fans: In the conversation with Ted Price, Todd Howard talks about the freedoms players have in Starfield. So they can decide for themselves where to go and what to do. And that’s especially an issue when players are looting.

It seems like that’s what people do every time they play one of our new games: pick up everything. They’re immediately overloaded. No, you don’t need the trays and the pencils. But we like that you can pick them up.

Todd Howard via The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast

But it’s also just way too tempting to have loot lying around everywhere – even in toilets. Full backpacks and overloading are issues that continue to plague players in Starfield. Players are always collecting tips to solve the problem of overloading.

So you can simply stuff your companions with the junk, build temporary outposts, use the container in the lodge with infinite storage space or use cheats.

Here you can find tips against full backpacks:

Alternatively, you can just keep running around with your overloaded inventory and even sprint. Of course, this has consequences that you have to weigh for yourself, because: Your oxygen drops rapidly with too much exertion. After that, the CO₂ content in your suit increases.

Players have completely maxed this out to test if you can die from it:

Starfield: Player tests whether you die if you generate too much CO₂ through overload