Is Payday 3 Cross Platform?

Is Payday 3 Cross Platform?

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Payday 3 has returned with a new set of missions and stories for players to enjoy. In this popular shooter series, fans are eager to team up and pull off thrilling heists with their friends, aiming for riches and a luxurious lifestyle. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of Payday 3, so the inclusion of crossplay would be a valuable feature for players who don’t share the same platform as their friends. Let’s find out if Payday 3 supports crossplay.

Is There Crossplay in Payday 3?

Good news for Payday 3 owners! The game does support crossplay, allowing players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC to play together. Additionally, cross-progression is available, enabling players to transfer their progress across different platforms. This means that players can enjoy Payday 3 with friends, regardless of the console they are using. The crossplay feature is a significant advantage for all players, especially when it comes to successfully completing heists through teamwork.

To enable cross-progression, players need to create a Starbreeze account and sign in on their preferred platform. This ensures that their progress is saved, allowing them to transfer it to any other platform.

To enable crossplay, players can go to the Settings section and activate the crossplay feature. If preferred, players can choose to play without crossplay by disabling the feature. Generally, crossplay provides faster matchmaking, but some players may prefer to play with others on the same platform.

Payday 3 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you’re interested in playing a new single-player RPG, be sure to check out our Starfield guides hub!