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Larian Shows the Most Popular Multiclass Builds at a Glance

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Despite its release a few weeks ago, it never gets boring in Baldur’s Gate 3. The developers take care of this not only with the countless hours of gameplay, excitingly staged story of the giant RPG, but also the possibilities that you have to individualize your character in terms of his abilities .–>

While even with just one class you are given several options regarding the spells and actions of your hero, it gets really interesting when you combine two classes. The most popular, powerful and unusual multiclass builds Larian now presents to you in more detail.

Baldur’s Gate 3: The most popular multiclass builds in the official ranking

Even before the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3, players were already discussing their favorite class combinations on Reddit and other forums. The die-hard Dungeons & Dragons fans naturally had concrete ideas about which multiclass builds would be the best in Larian’s role-playing epic. Now the developers have published a ranking on the PlayStation Blog, which shows which of them are really good:

  • 1. rogue and ranger
  • 2. barbarian and fighter
  • 3. barbarian and paladin
  • 4. cleric and paladin
  • 5. fighter and paladin
  • 6. paladin and warlock
  • 7. warlock and paladin
  • 8. warlocks and wizards
  • 9. magicians and sorcerers
  • 10. rogue and fighter
  • 11. fighter and barbarian
  • 12. rogue and bard
  • 13. wizards and sorcerers
  • 14. paladin and fighter
  • 15. rogue and monk
  • 16. paladin and wizard
  • 17. ranger and rogue
  • 18. wizard and paladin
  • 19. fighter and warlock

The clear favorite is the mix of Rascal and Ranger – a multiclass build that takes advantage of the stealthy attacks of the Rogue and combines them with the strong ranged attacks of the Ranger. This is closely followed by the combination of barbar and fighter, which knows how to shine with especially much penetrating power .

This is followed by a whole series of class combos that acquire the skills of the Paladin, which are related to those of a Warlock, a Cleric or others. But with twelve classes coming along with a whole 46 subclasses to choose from, there’s still plenty of room for all sorts of variations. Larian takes a closer look at a few particularly notable examples.

Let Larian inspire you

In the second part of the blog entry, the developers want to take a look at “some of the most exciting and still not-so-trodden multiclassing paths that our esteemed designers want to use to inspire you to express your own play style in Baldur’s Gate 3,” as it specifically says.

No sooner said than done: First of all, they recommend the Paladin/Witchmaster build, which works with the Pact of the Blade. Also, the combination of Rascal and Monk can only be recommended by the developers of Baldur’s Gate, if you find your fun with many small, unarmed attacks in each round. Clerics who choose the Sorcerer as their second class would do well to focus on the stackable Lightning damage for a brilliant display of effects.

However, the Animal Form of the Druid and the Frenzy of the Barbarian also represent a “perfect combination”, as they reveal in the blog. Both classes complement each other perfectly and you can take on entire hordes of enemies single-handedly right away. If you take a detour into the Ranger class, you can even additionally send the bear companion onto the battlefield.

Last but not least, Larian recommends the Spellmaster – an obvious combination of Spellcaster and Witchmaster that benefit from their mutual synergy. If you ultimately move in the direction of the fighter once again, you can even perform an additional action in one turn, while choosing the rogue gives you another bonus action. If you need some quite basic advice about the fights in Baldur’s Gate 3, we’ll help you out elsewhere. And we don’t want to deprive you of some of the strongest insider tips, which can help players even after several hours in Faerûn.

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