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London for Fallout 4 to Be Released in 2023. Fan-made “British Fallout” with the Same Map Size as the Main Story Revised and Updated September 2023

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Fallout London Team announced on June 26 that the PC version of consequences 4 Large mod for Fallout: London Announcement trailer released. The mod is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Fallout: London is a PC version. It is a mod for Fallout 4. It is a large-scale fan-made content that offers a new experience in a completely different setting from the main story. In this mod, the setting is moved to England, far from the familiar America of the main series. Since Vault-Tec is a US company, it will not appear in the UK. Therefore, it appears that the vault is more spread out than the Company Vault. The setting is set in the year 2237, 50 years before Fallout 4.

Fallout: London contains a lot of original content, such as new unique stories, NPCs, weapons and creatures. Various elements that reflect British culture appear to be included, such as a parliament of aristocrats and knights of the round table. As for the size of the map, it will be the same scale as The Commonwealth, which was the setting for Fallout 4. It is a great ambitious mod that wants to breathe new life into Fallout 4.

This mod seems to have been developed as a team at least in 2019. And on June 16 of last year the official announcement was made along with the trailer (related article). It was a large-scale mod that completely changed the scenario and user expectations were on the rise. Although we will have to wait until next year, it will be good news for fans who were worried just knowing the release date. Additionally, some of the weapons and equipment scheduled to be implemented in “Fallout: London” will be distributed as standalone mods in advance.

The “Fallout 4” PC mod “Fallout: London” will be released in 2023. Please note that all Fallout 4 DLC is required for this mod to work.