Microsoft Flight Simulator Schleswig-Holstein & Hamburg Landmarks Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator Schleswig-Holstein & Hamburg Landmarks Released

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A new add-on has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator that focuses on improving the look of a relevant area in Germany.

The add-on, developed by Flight Sim Development Group, specifically enhances the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein and the city of Hamburg.

It’s important to note that Hamburg’s airport is not included in this add-on, but there are other options available for that.

However, this add-on is still significant because Hamburg is known for its unique features, such as its massive port, numerous piers, and bridges. Improving its appearance is greatly appreciated.

The add-on can be purchased from the developer’s official store and Simmarket for $12.38.

This package includes more than 800 individual objects and is part of FSDG’s ongoing series to enhance different regions in Germany. They have previously worked on Lower Saxony & Bremen in October 2022.

Although the provided screenshots may not do it justice, you can see a glimpse of the add-on below.

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