Microsoft Flight Simulator TBM 850, Pilatus PC-12, & More Get Video & Screenshot

Microsoft Flight Simulator: TBM 850, Pilatus PC-12, and More Featured in New Video and Screenshots

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Third-party developers have recently shared exciting new assets for upcoming add-ons in Microsoft Flight Simulator. These include various aircraft and a notable airport.

Black Square and Just Flight have released another captivating video showcasing the Socata TBM 850. This video focuses on the aircraft’s environmental systems, which are usually reduced to a simple dial on most advanced planes. The attention to detail is impressive, as you can see in the video below:

In the same category of aircraft, SimWorks Studios is developing the Pilatus PC-12. While progress has been delayed due to health reasons, the aircraft is expected to be completed within 1-2 weeks, with only a few minor details and LOD remaining.

You can also check out some new screenshots of the Pilatus PC-12 below, which showcase an interesting experimental system that assigns passengers various traits and moods based on your performance as a pilot.

WWD has provided an update on its Eurocopter EC135 (or Airbus HC135) along with a few screenshots. The exterior, interior, systems, and avionics have all received significant improvements. While a progress video was initially planned for this month, it was not possible to create one due to time constraints. However, some screenshots have been shared to give you a glimpse of the progress.

The exterior is nearly complete, featuring the high skid variant and numerous attachments. (Please note that the textures are not final.)

The interior is currently undergoing a complete rework, known as Interior V2. This updated version offers even more accurate and detailed modeling, as well as 4-8k textures. The interior will be showcased in the next update.

Avionics development is progressing rapidly, with focus on the PFD and ND of the EC135. The VEMD is also under active development.

The systems are a complex topic in themselves. Understanding how they work and implementing them in the SDK takes time. The fuel and electrical systems are currently in the best shape but still require further work.

The most challenging aspect of system development will be creating the Dual Engine logic, which is not supported by Asobo for helicopters.

Last but not least, Drzewiecki Design has released new screenshots of its upcoming Copernicus Airport Wrocław (EPWR) in Poland. These screenshots showcase the landmarks that will be included in the city, as well as hangars, aprons, and warehouses.

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