Minecraft's 2023 mob vote has its first candidate: the crab

Minecraft’s 2023 Mob Vote Has Its First Candidate: the Crab

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Minecraft Live, the annual event for the popular block-building game, will be held on October 15th. During this event, players will have the opportunity to participate in the traditional mob vote and choose a new addition to the game. Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, has unveiled the first candidate for the mob vote: an adorable crab.

The crab, one of Minecraft’s potential new mobs.

If the crab wins the vote, it will become part of the game and can be found in the mangrove swamp biome, which was introduced in a recent update. The crab will have a large claw, and players who discover this claw will gain the ability to place blocks at a greater distance than usual when building.

The mob vote will begin on October 13th at 5pm UTC (6pm BST) and will last for 48 hours. Players can participate in the vote through the Minecraft launcher or on Minecraft.net. The winner will be announced during Minecraft Live on October 15th.

As for the upcoming Minecraft update, version 1.21, no information has been disclosed regarding its contents. The previous update, known as the Trails & Tales update (version 1.20), introduced archaeology, camels, and the winner of the previous mob vote, the Sniffer.

While I have been playing Minecraft for years, I never paid much attention to Minecraft Live or the mob vote. However, now that I play the game with my seven-year-old son, he is highly interested in which mobs Mojang will add next. He has even come up with his own theories and created concept art that he hopes we can send to Mojang to influence a future update.