Screenshots from Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 showing off ultrawide support via the MGSHDFix mod

Modders Polish Steel Gear Strong’s PC Grasp Assortment with Ultrawide Assist, Sharper Textures and Extra

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Steel Gear Strong 3: Snake Eater arrived for the primary time on PC with a powerful “oof” final month, launching alongside Steel Gear Strong 1 and a couple of, plus the 2 Steel Gear video games, within the extraordinarily barebones Grasp Assortment.

Among the many many, many complaints directed on the PC assortment of Hideo Kojima’s assembled sneakathon (Snakeathon?) are the shortage of any in-depth PC graphics choices, together with being locked to 720p – or worse for MGS1, emulated at a brutal PS1-era 240p and 50Hz when taking part in its PAL model – and inaccurate facet ratios throughout each gameplay and cutscenes. In different phrases, it was a little bit of a large number.

As is now custom, modders have stepped as much as repair what Konami apparently didn’t need to, with latest Grasp Assortment mod MGSHDFix gathering collectively a toolbox of useful expanded choices and fixes for these taking part in any of the video games on PC. (Thanks, GamingOnLinux.)

The mixed mod pack from modders Lyall, emoose, ShizCalev and yoyossef contains new assist for customized resolutions, together with ultrawide assist, and the flexibility to resize the HUD and cutscenes to 16:9 in MGS2 and three, albeit in an experimental type for now. It’s also possible to now play in a borderless mode or a window, fairly than being compelled into unique fullscreen.

Elsewhere, the pack makes corrections to Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater’s facet ratio in gameplay and cutscenes to be correct to the unique video games. There are some tweaks to make all the things look sharper too, due to expanded texture dimension limits and adjustable anisotropic filtering – although the larger textures are just for the Steel Gear video games and MGS3 on the mo. Nonetheless, Snake Eater’s lush jungle is certainly deserving of some crisper textures.

Screenshots from Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 showing off ultrawide support via the MGSHDFix mod
Picture credit score: Konami

Smaller choices embody the flexibility to skip the intro logos for MGS2 and three, and tweak mouse sensitivity – or just toggle the mouse cursor off.

Practically all the enhancements work with MGS3, with some additionally making use of to MGS2 and the Steel Gears. Steel Gear Strong 1, sadly, stays saddled with the worst efficiency and visuals resulting from being dealt with by its in-built PlayStation emulation.

Konami have promised their very own options to a number of the points, together with the shortage of visible choices, numerous bugs and slowdown throughout some cutscenes, however have up to now solely launched a patch to address the game running at high speeds.

Possibly they’ll at the least have all the things solved for the time Quantity 2 rolls round. Then once more, perhaps that’ll convey its personal contemporary troubles – thank god for modders, at the least.