NACON promises a revolution with their new PlayStation controller

NACON Introduces a Revolutionary PlayStation Controller

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Your greatest tool in video games is your controller and NACON is introducing a new PlayStation controller that promises to revolutionize gaming. The Revolution 5 Pro offers customizable features to enhance your gaming performance.

By using Hall Effect analog sticks, the controller eliminates analog drift issues that often arise with first-party hardware. You can adjust the height and head of the analog stick caps, the throw distance of the triggers, D-pad styles, and even increase the weight of the controller if you prefer a heavier device. Further customization can be done using the PC/Mac app (mobile apps will be available in 2024), and you can store up to four profiles across each compatible platform (PS4, PS5, and PC).

Despite the initial price of $199.99, NACON assures that the controller is built to last, with easily replaceable components. With 1.6 million Pro series customers and counting, it seems that this controller is popular among gamers. Pre-orders for the Revolution 5 Pro will begin in November, and the controller will be released in December 2024. Retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop will be offering pre-orders.

REVOLUTION 5 Pro for PS5 / PS4 / PC | Reveal Trailer:

Discover Nacon’s new REVOLUTION 5 Pro controller for PS5, PS4, and PC, now available for pre-order!
This controller is the culmination of years of research, offering a unique design, ergonomic comfort, precision, and technological innovation.

Key features:
– Over 60 customization options
– 10 hours of battery life
– Equipped with trigger blockers
– Wireless and wired options
– Designed with premium materials

For more information about the REVOLUTION 5 Pro’s features and to pre-order, visit