New Bolt Action Plastic French Infantry Set Unveiled - Tabletop Gaming News

New Bolt Action Plastic French Infantry Set Unveiled – Tabletop Gaming News

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Warlord Games has announced the release of their early-war French Army plastic infantry set for Bolt Action. This set offers a wide range of options for tabletop gamers looking to expand their collections. It is described by the creators as their most versatile sprue yet.

A Wealth of Customization

The sprue features six dynamic poses for soldiers wearing the iconic French Army greatcoat. The unique coats make it easy to identify the French soldiers, even when placed alongside other ‘greatcoat’ armies. The sprue also includes a variety of gear such as 1935-pattern haversacks, holstered pistols, and other essential tools for soldiers along the Maginot Line.

Arms for La Patrie

The new sprue doesn’t disappoint when it comes to armament. Players can choose between the modern MAS 36 rifle or the retro Mle1907/15 Berthier rifle. Additionally, the set includes the plastic version of the iconic VB Launcher and the highly efficient FM 24/29 ‘Châtellerault’ light machine gun, ensuring that your troops are well-equipped.

The Hat is Where it’s At

The headgear options are what sets this sprue apart. From the iconic ‘Adrian’ helmets to the large berets for ‘Fortress Infantry,’ there are numerous choices. Players can even choose ‘bonnets de police’ for the French chasseur light infantry regiments, adding style and function to the troops’ headgear.

Diverse Troop Types

The new range also includes headgear suitable for North African soldiers, celebrating the often underrepresented colonial troops. This adds depth and variety to the French army.

Options to Order

Warlord Games offers various ways for fans to acquire these new miniatures. The French Starter Army Boxed Set includes 36 new figures, medium mortar, medium machine gun, and a 25mm anti-tank gun, as well as the Char B1 bis medium tank for armored support.

For a more comprehensive experience, the French Army All-in Bundle includes cavalry, artillery transports, light tanks, and all the contents of the Starter Army set.

Alternatively, for those interested only in the infantry, the French Army Infantry Bundle will be available later this year. It will include three boxes of infantry, a Somua S35 light tank, and a Lorraine 38L armored carrier.