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New Farming Game on Steam Shows What Happens When Stardew Valley Meets Horror

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Fitting for the start of the dark season, a new farming game will be released on Steam in early October, for relaxing on rainy days. But this new game brings a twist that also fits perfectly into the Spooky Season.

What is this game? Harvest Island is a farming game from indie developer Yobob and will be released on October 10, 2023 on Steam.

However, Harvest Island stands out from the large selection of farming simulators with an interesting concept. Because here you can expect a creepy twist. As the developer himself promises, it is by no means a copy of the popular title Stardew Valley, but a farming game that focuses mostly on its story.

The various farming game mechanics thus take on more of a supporting role, as the focus in Harvest Island is on exploration.

What awaits you in Harvest Island? The game follows the story of two siblings who live with their father on a remote island, where they pursue their farming duties and sacrifice their harvests to the gods.

In addition to managing their everyday tasks, the two siblings explore the island and leave their safe farm to do so. But outside their farm mysteries and secrets await them.

The game promises you classic features of a farming simulator:

  • Collect various items that you find on the island
  • Catches various fish and marine animals
  • Makes tools that will help you explore
  • Grows crops and harvests them
  • Take care of goats, sheep and cows

However, if you’re looking for more thrills, leave your farm and head out to explore the island:

  • Sacrifices to the gods to receive mercy
  • Explore the island also at night to find new areas
  • Make friends with wild animals
  • The island is constantly changing and opening new paths

What does the trailer show? Harvest Island promises you a creepy experience when you start exploring the island. The trailer shows you dark paths, bloody writings and decaying ruins, abandoned places and mutilated animals.

If the trailer is also very reminiscent of Stardew Valley at first glance, with its charming pixel graphics, it clearly stands out with these images. The horror aspect is especially clear here and could be a convincing point for those who don’t just want the next, same farming experience.

The whole horror aspect is underlined with the repeating I want to get away from Harvest Island, which indicates that you are trying to escape from the mysterious island.

What do you think of this concept? Could Harvest Island score with its twist or would you rather have another relaxed farming game? Feel free to discuss with us.

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