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New Shooter Hyenas Discontinued Due to Restructuring

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Video game maker SEGA has announced it will discontinue some projects due to restructuring. Among them is the multiplayer shooter HYENAS, for which the open beta had recently been released.–>

As a result, game developer Creative Assembly, which is part of SEGA Europe and was entrusted with the work on HYENAS, was forced to lay off employees. The latter are assured of the studio’s support after this hard step, as it is said on Twitter.

SEGA expects losses – Creative Assembly is the sufferer

SegaSammy, as SEGA’s parent company, calculates a loss of the equivalent of about 90.5 million euros in the current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2024. SEGA cited declining revenues, particularly in the European market, as the reason for terminating several projects, which had necessitated rescheduling at studios based there. They now want to reduce fixed costs at several companies belonging to the group in Europe, with a focus on the British studio Creative Assembly.

Meanwhile, it is not known which projects other than HYENAS are affected by these measures. Creative Assembly, which is also responsible for the Total War series, which will be expanded by the Total War: Pharaoh game in October, assured the laid-off employees of full support. “Our goal at the company has always been to put people before everything else; that is fundamental to our values and our culture. So as we go through this incredibly difficult process, we will first and foremost support our people every step of the way.”

So let’s hope that Total War: Pharaoh will hit the mark. As the name already reveals, it goes in this strategy game to ancient Egypt. The game will be released on October 11 in three different versions for the PC.