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Payday 3 – Test, Shooter, PlayStation 5

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Payday 3: The ultimate coup to prevent fun


On PS5, the server situation is not as bad as on PC, but optimal is also something else. Some missions want only come about the third time.

Step 1: Requires all players to create an account before starting the game, tedious and bulky. With a confirmation email that does not always have to arrive the first time.

Step 2: Introduces a permanent online constraint and no offline level for evasion.

Step 3: Even if it is a tactical heist game, do not use in-game voice chat. Both friends and strangers can help each other out with apps and coordinate with each other.

Step 4: Design missions that definitely need coordination or end in complete chaos (even pings won’t do).

Step 5: Program an AI that is both hostile and friendly for its abysmal skill deserving at most a mention in Special Thanks.

Step 6: Limit yourself to a number of very few missions to keep variety to a minimum.

Step 7: While all the other steps draw all the attention, smaller, practical convenience features can now be omitted in many places. In the mass, they then no longer stand out.

Step 8: Let the catastrophe run free and try in vain to smooth the waters with a few tweets and promises.

Step 9: Now everything is too late.

Step 10: Now anyway.

The current server situation – Stage: Unprepared class work.


Four brains, four weapons, but no clue how to get ahead: PayDay 3 quickly degenerates into an escape room after a short burst of shooting fun.

I played Payday 3 most of the time on the PlayStation 5 played. Here it can take a bit of time now and then to get full teams and be able to start missions. However, some missions seem to be jinxed, not wanting to load at all or being played as readily as others. When a team is incomplete, the missing members by bots replaced. This is not ideal, but manageable and still a piece of cake compared to the lobbies on PC, which have to deal with crashes, endless searches and so on. report.

In short: the game wasn’t adequately prepared for its release in terms of technology and capacity, even though it should have seen the rush given the hype and Game Pass availability. My guess: It didn’t want to be played.