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PHARAOH Reveals New Trailer Diving Into the Hittite Faction

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total war pharaoh

The upcoming strategy game Total War: PHARAOH has received a fresh deep dive trailer from developer Creative Assembly. This latest video presentation focuses on the Hittite faction, offering a glimpse of its gameplay mechanics and shedding light on the historical background of the faction.

The Hittite faction includes two playable leaders: Suppiluliuma and Kurunta. Suppiluliuma, known as the Defender, emphasizes strong defensive strategies and commands legions of heavily armored and moderately armored units. On the other hand, Kurunta, referred to as the Usurper, specializes in sabotage and subterfuge.

One noticeable distinction that sets the Hittite faction apart from the Egyptian and Canaanite factions is their deployment of significantly heavier units in battles. Additionally, Hittite armies possess unique characteristics that favor combat in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain, thunderstorms, and the foggy terrains of Anatolia.

Total War: PHARAOH will be released on PC on October 11. However, its availability on the Epic Games Store has been postponed to 2024.