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Player With 6,100 Hours Writes Negative Review

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The shooter Destiny 2 actually has good reviews on Steam: if you look at all 565,000 user ratings since the Steam release in October 2019, the online shooter stands at “very positive”. But in the last 30 days, the worm is in it: The reviews have gotten significantly worse. Even a player with 6,100 hours in the shooter makes his frustration clear.

How’s Destiny 2 doing on Steam right now?

  • Destiny 2 is now back on a positive track in terms of player numbers after hitting a low point in July 2023. In the last 30 days, 145,390 players were online at the peak – the highest value since May 2023.
  • Compared to the previous month, Destiny 2 has increased by 25% in average player numbers.
  • But recent reviews in the last 30 days are now just even, usually they are “very positive.”

In August, the new season of the Witch started and made us want to play Destiny again:

DDOS attacks spoil fun for players and Destiny 2 reviews on Steam

Why is that? Especially from September 22 to 24, Destiny 2 received an excessive amount of negative reviews on Steam.

For example, a German user wrote on September 24: “I think I can allow myself an opinion after 2,698 hours in this game: The game is garbage. Wasn’t always like this. But it gets worse with every expansion.”

A player with 1,600 hours wrote on Sept. 25, “Ignore the game until Bungie gets a handle on the DDOS issues.”

One player with 6,100 hours cursed (via team): “I had 6 wins and 0 losses. Got DD’d. Had 5-0 after that, DDOS again. Then 5-0 and DDOS again, all the while I was solo. Thanks a lot, hacker group. Bungie’s servers suck. I’m not going to pay $100 again for the Destiny 2 expansion. It’s not worth it. I’m uninstalling. Game is full of garbage.”

This is behind the negative reviews: There are some disappointed players who criticize Destiny in general for the development and the “addictive gameplay”.

However, the slump in reviews on Steam comes from the DDOS attacks that the servers have suffered from in recent days.

I guess a lot of people have gotten their frustration off their chest. If you get kicked out of a PvP match that’s going well, you probably forget that you’ve already spent 254 days with the game, and that’s just with the relatively new PC version.

Destiny 2 is fighting on all fronts: First mega-exploit, then hacker attack, makes gaming almost impossible